BAMBÚ LAMPANG, S. A. Authentic Thai Cuisine

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BAMBÚ LAMPANG, S. A. Authentic Thai Cuisine

Important Announcements at Bottom)


Tuesday Market, Feb 2BCP Center for Events, Boquete

Email us your order in advance


To guarantee it will be there.

Spring Rolls

Our most popular item.

Rice noodles, veggies & shrimp

In a hand-rolled rice paper wrap.

Served with homemade peanut sauce.

6 for $4


Mix of veggies, ‘crabmeat’, and smoked salmon

California-style sushi rolls with sticky rice

and wrapped in Nori.

Served with wasabi, soy, and ginger.

10 pieces for $5

Pad Thai

Veggie or Shrimp.

Noodles in a savory sauce.

Bursting with flavor.


Panang Gai

“Special this week for our spicy food fans”

Chunks of chicken breast, bamboo, and

Sweet peppers in a yellow curry sauce.

Extra spicy this week.
Not for the meek.

Can be frozen for later enjoyment.


Egg Rolls

Ground pork in a fresh

Wonton, fried to perfection.

Served with hot sauce or sweet/sour.

10 for $4


1.  Noticias, the
broadcast email service, has informed us that vendors are only allowed ONE
Noticias announcement per month, so we will be relying heavily on our
own mailing list to announce menus and specials.  Please let your friends know to
email us at to get
on the list.

2.  At the Tuesday
Market, we have sold out early for the past three weeks.  To reserve your order, just email us, we will
confirm, and your order will be waiting for you.

Thank you for your support.

3.  We will NOT be
at the Feb 9 Tuesday market, but will be back on the 16th.

4.  Remember, the best deal for great food is to
have us cater your dinner or special event.
Email us for our current color photo menu with over 20 authentic Thai

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  1. An enthusiastic endorsement of Bambu Lampang from this corner! Bob and his Thai wife/gourmet chef Pon have brought an awesome new level of culinary adventure to Chiriqui. We hosted a “pay-back” dinner for friends, catered by them, and it was a huge success and is still being talked about, several months later.

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