It’s In The Genes

The other day, I posted the graduation photo of one of my granddaughters. I received a comment asking where her good looks came from.

Here is a photo of my daughter when she was a member of the world famous Kilgore Rangerettes. This should answer the question mike. 😉 My daughter is the one on the left.

10 thoughts on “It’s In The Genes

  1. Hello Don Ray,
    I respectfully didn´t say it, but you are honestly right: it is on the genes. I bet Lilliam shares this opinion.

  2. Hi Mike. I think this is the first photo I have posted of Kimberly. She is just as good looking as an adult.

    Hi AS. Thanks for the kind words. I think the good looks started with Kimberly. 😉

  3. Don Ray:
    Your granddaughter looks just like your daughter when she was younger. Strong genes, I tell you.

  4. “I think the good looks started with Kimberly.”

    No sir, I am not going to pick this low-hanging fruit. LOL!

    Beautiful daughter, Don Ray. Rangerettes, eh? Being a member is no small accomplishment. I’m impressed.


  5. Thanks Henry. I almost reached up for that temptation myself. Too easy!

    Indeed, we’ve seen those Rangerettes in many a parade.

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