Being a Real Cut Up

I had a strange thing happen yesterday evening. I was in one of the dollar stores the other day and they had some marmalade from Argentina. It was a pretty good sized jar and only cost $1.25.

I normally buy a couple brands from El Rey ( both from France I think), but they run about $3+. Always on the lookout for a bargain, I picked up a jar. We had tried it yesterday morning and it was good. Then last night I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I had made the sandwich and went to put the lid back on the jar. I had the bottom of the jar in my right hand and the lid in my left. As I turned the lid to get it tight, the bottom broke off in my right hand and and I sliced the palm of my hand wide open.

Blood went everywhere. I cant remember another time in my life when I have had a jar break like that. I don’t know if the jar had a fracture and was waiting to break or if it was especially thin delicate glass. I guess my great buy was not as great as I had thought.

I am not sure I want to buy another to test for a similar problem. The bleeding has stopped, but the hand will take a little while more to totally heal. When I saw the amount of blood, I wondered if I would need stitches. A cold salt water compress stopped the bleeding in about 30 minutes.

I doubt if this will happen to anyone else, but I thought I might mention my accident. Sense the hospitals in Panama do not store blood, we all should be looking for ways to to avoid the need for transfusions.

15 thoughts on “Being a Real Cut Up

  1. Hi Bob. I will watch it for a day or so. If it looks funny, I will get it checked. It was a clean wound, so I think it should be ok. Had it been metal, I would have gone to a doctor.

  2. I agree with Ellen. Just in case, you have mentioned Dr.César De Gracia, infectologist.
    By the way, an advise for those who apply: I know of patients with stubborn ingrown toenails, removed several times, who have traveled 7 hours in a bus to be cured of the problem by him.

  3. Don Ray:
    You might need a tetanus shot. Dr De Gracia used to work in the Hospital Regional. He is a very good doctor, but any doctor (Hospital Chiriqui, or May Lewis) can take care of this. If you washed the wound with soap and water and applied OTC neosporin or triple ointment (daily), you should be OK. If an infection is setting in, the area will be red, with pain, and discharge.

  4. Hi Don Ray – sorry to hear of this incident & hope you’re on the mend. I’ve purchased several jars of the jam & marmalade you mentioned and have had none of the problems you described, so suspect the that the jar may have been damaged in transport. Keep an eye on that wound.

  5. Hello Don;

    Dr. César De Gracia, infectologist, Hospital Cooperativo 775-6666, 24/7. Once you arrive in, they call him. Cell phone: 6676-4729.
    Best regards,


  6. Hi Don,

    By now you should be on the mend. Hope that everyone has learned a valuable lesson… don’t eat marmalade – ever.

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