Was Your Favorite Restaurant Closed?

Just received the following email. I wish it had named names. If your favorite restaurant was closed, leave a comment.

From……: Scott

Hi Don
Found this on prensa.com and thought it may be of interest to you.


Restaurants in David closed for failure to meet health standards

Several restaurants in the district of David, located in the province of Chiriquí, were closed yesterday, Wednesday, for not complying with the rules set forth in the current Health Code.

José Luis Castillo, Medical Director of the Ministry of Health in Chiriquí, informed that the food establishments would be permitted to resume operations once they have satisfactorily remedied the many irregularities detected by officials from the Sanitation and Food Protection department.

“This is not a persecution or an act to deprive anyone of their right to work; Rather, it is about enforcing laws designed to protect the lives and health of the general population,” said the official.

Castillo further reported that health officials would continue carrying out these operations indefinitely in an effort to assure the public that these establishments are complying with the stipulated health standards and taking their customers’ health and safety into consideration.

UPDATE: I was just told that it was in Las Lomas, which is considered in David. Restaurants dealing with comida corriente.

6 thoughts on “Was Your Favorite Restaurant Closed?

  1. I saw it on the news last night. Its “La Negra Margarita” after the bridge leaving David before the checkpoint. Thanks for your blogging Don Ray, I love checking out restaurants here before actually trying them. Keep up the good eatin’

  2. Hey Mike, if you mean Enma’s Spa, it was open as of a few days ago. They don’t open until mid-morning so that may be it? Hope to get a massage there soon so anyone else that has an update would be appreciated.

  3. Funny, just a couple of months ago Martinelli was spotted having lunch @ La Negra Margarita. Maybe he found something in the molleja?

    The truth is that such restaurant has been famous for the higiene and health-themed horror stories that we Panamanians heard every now and then.

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