Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion

Saturday we went to Concepcion for Breakfast at a new restaurant that has been open for about three weeks. It is Restaurante Azteca and is on the left side of the road that goes toward Volcan. Turn of the InterAmerican highway and go toward Volcan. Watch on the left and you will see the restaurant shown in the following photo.

The restaurant is run by Jose and Olga.

Jose said “Mi restaurante es su casa.” He also said if you don’t see what you want on the menu, ask him and if they can make it , then they will make it for you. That is what I call hospitality.

Here is a photo of the outside area. Notice the bamboo construction. Jose learned about bamboo construction in Colombia and has a portfolio of things he has made. He is available to make something for you, so you might want to ask to see his photo album.

This is a photo of the entrance to the restaurant.

Here is a photo of the inside. It looks like they can handle a large crowd.

Here is a photo of Jose and Olga. Jose handles most of the customer communication and Olga cooks all of the food that leaves the kitchen. Olga is a native of Mexico and her heritage results in very good food.

Here is some photos of the current menu. You will notice the prices are very good.

The table ordered everything. Mexican food, omelets, toast etc. I ordered scrambled eggs Olga style which came with tomatoes and onions. Lilliam asked me why I would go to a Mexican food restaurant and order scrambled eggs. Very simple! It was breakfast time and one of my favorite dishes is scrambled eggs and Jimmy Dean sausage. One out of two was good enough for me.

Lilliam had Tostados Mexicanos. It came with re-fried beans, meat, tomato and lettuce and sour cream. It was a winner and got two thumbs up.

I had a great time. I enjoyed my breakfast and I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people. Thanks to those who sent me emails letting me know about the get together.

I plan on returning for lunch one of these days and trying some of the real Mexican food. If you stop into Resturante Azteca, tell Jose and Olga you read about the restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter. Based on what I had and saw for breakfast, it is worth the drive to Concepcion.

By the way, before I forget, Olga makes a mean Margarita. A few had them for breakfast!

4 thoughts on “Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion

  1. Greetings from frosty Finland! Our winter is now about halfway and we had this morning again almost -30Celsius( -22 F ) and trees have been covered by hoar frost continously over three weeks, it is rare.
    We get snow slowly more and more, everything is pretty and so white 🙂
    I wish happy days to you and yours,Don!

  2. QUE TAL TOCAYO. viendo el menu. veo que tienes una buena seleccion de comida
    boy para chiriqui muy pronto,con un poco de amigos para disfrutar de esos platos esquisitos que prepara OLGA. hasta muy pronto.

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