Renegados Closed

I continue to get phone calls and emails asking about the status of Renegados. As you may or may not know, Renegados decided to take a pause because the current economic situation had reduced their business to the point it was not profitable.

It was opening as a bar in the evenings and I understand that it will discontinue that as well.

I decided to post this to give some closure to the questions. If I get anymore emails I will just point them to this post. I wish Berta and David the best and I miss the meals that I ate there.

3 thoughts on “Renegados Closed

  1. Hi Don!

    My name is Elizabeth Moreno, i’m from Mexico City… sorry but my english is not very good… i’m David’s friend, but we don’t have communication any more, since his daughter born… i just wanna know if he is in Panama or if he is come back to Barcelona, and know if he is ok.. i saw your article and you told he closed his Restaurant.. i hope he is ok …

    If you are in communication with he, please send my greetigns … thnak you so much!!

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