Plaza El Terronal Rant

Yesterday evening we walked, with Koki, down to El Rey. Of course Koki was on her leash, a rarity for dogs in David.

I was going to get an item in El Rey and Lilliam was going to wait ourside with Koki. When we reached the parking lot, one of the Plaza El Terronal security force informed us that dogs could not be in the Parking lot area. There is no posting on any building of this rule.

Now I can understand them not wanting dogs pooping and peeing there, but I wonder who is informing all of the wandering dogs. I really don’t think dogs on a leash create any problem.

Now if the Plaza El Terronal security force want to enforce a posted rule, why don’t they have someone stand our by the entrance by the HSBC Bank and make sure that cars don’t exit that way. I have seen several close accidents and there are signs telling you not to exit. With the higher level of traffic entering the Plaza, there will be a wreck there one of these days.

So the news for the day is that you must obey the unposted rules, but posted rules can to be ignored in Plaza El Terronal.

2 thoughts on “Plaza El Terronal Rant

  1. Hello Don,
    Ironic, isn´t it? (They probably don´t know what is a leash used for…). Yours is a firm comment in a clear, educated way.

  2. I think I would have told the security guard,
    “esto no es un perro, este es un gato”. haha Then I would have had to ask about parrots, monkeys, boas, etc. If the rules aren’t posted, how do you know without asking for future reference?
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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