Borojo Ice Cream At Stella’s Marina

I like trying new flavors of ice cream. The last time we were at Stella’s Marina I tried some Borojo ice cream. Walter had several flavors of home made ice cream on the daily menu. Since I had never heard of Borojo, I tried it.

It had an unusual flavor. A little citrus and very refreshing.

I know you are curious what the ice cream followed and since you are wondering I will tell you. I had one of Walter’s specials which was langostinos. Super good. I always leave the Marina a happy camper.

If you stop in Stella’s Marina, tell Walter I sent my regards.

7 thoughts on “Borojo Ice Cream At Stella’s Marina

  1. It is amazing, Don Ray, that you stay so (ahem) slim. No doubt you feel it is your duty for Chiriquichatter to try out all these places.

  2. Hi Tom. Remember, all these food posts didn’t happen in one day, but really over a couple of weeks. 🙂 That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  3. Must be that bicycle he rides. I used to have a bike known as a purple spider when I was young and recall affixing playing cards to the front forks so they slapped against the spokes as I rolled along the streets of my neighborhood while driving all the dogs’ nuts.

  4. Don,
    Where do you find all these places? I never know where to eat when in David, and I’ve been there a lot lately visiting Dra. Ana.
    Could you maybe clue in the clueless? Is it in one of the main areas of town or do you need a car to get there? The langostino plate looks marvelous.

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