A La Parrilla Cocina Rica

I am starting to get caught up and one post that has been waiting for an opportunity to surface was the evening we went to the new steak house – a la Parrilla  Cocina Rica. Several people had sent me emails and said I should try it or asked if I had tried it.

While Sussan and Sofia were here, we took one evening and ventured out. I personally have gotten out of the habit of eating a large meal at night, but I made an exception. Finding good steaks in David can be a challenge and I was ready for some real beef.

Below is the sign that will tell you that you have found the restaurant. It is located on the InterAmerican Highway between Pio Pio and Pizza Hut and on the same side of the road. The hours are 6 PM until 11 PM Monday through Saturday.

The restaurant has ample tables, but if you are planning a large group, I would suggest your talking to them ahead of time.

Here is the well supplied bar.

I thought the bar prices were reasonable.

Looking over the menu took a little time. There were several things I wanted to try.

We ordered our meals and received our bread.

Then it was time for the salad bar. One suggestion I would make to management is to label the salad dressings. I saw a couple people taste them to know what they were.

One person had the baby back ribs. There were four to the order. They were bigger than the photo shows, but if you are from the US, you may be expecting more. I tasted one of the ribs and will say that the flavor was very good. With all meats, there is a choice of sauce.

Another had a cheese burger and loved it. It think it was a ½ pounder. I couldn’t believe she ate the whole thing. It comes as you see it and you garnish it at the salad bar.

Another ordered an eggplant appetizer with pita bread and was pleased.

As I sai, I went for beef and ordered the rib eye with chimichurri sauce and French fries. It may have been the best steak I have had in Panama, but it has been so long since I ate a real steak, I may have forgotten. It was so large, I had plenty to share with others.

If I go to a new restaurant, I force myself to have a dessert. It is a tough job, this restaurant testing, but someone has to do it. 🙂

The pastry bar was filled with typical Cocina Rica pastries.

Susan had a lemon tart. Yummy! I did get a taste.

I ordered the house flan.

When we left there was not a one in the party that was not stuffed. The food was very good, but I have gotten used to eating less in the evening and this place will be reserved for times when we have guests. If you stop in to a la Parrilla  Cocina Rica, tell them that you read about them in Chiriquí Chatter.

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