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I received the following email from a Chiriquí Chatter reader. Looks like I am going to have to find a reason to drive to Bugaba.

From……: Gene

The Steak House Restaurant is now operated by Jose,Olga and Pepe Manuel and called the Restaurant Azteca, specializing in Mexican food. Olga is of Mexican heritage and makes her own salsas and other items in the kitchen, much of it organically grown on their farm. Prices range from $3.00 for an order of 3 quesadillas to $8.00 for a fillet with vegetables and potatoes.

They also serve breakfast in the $4.00 range, Spanish ommlet, pork chop, toast (yes toast) and coffee.

The prices below are from memory;
National beer….75 cents
Imported Mexican beer…$1.75
Margarita with Cuervo Reserve and Olga’s home made juice…$2.50 (KILLER)
Garlic shrimp meal…$5.00

Many other things on the menu!!!

They have a menu both in Spanish and English.
Jose and Pepe speak English, maybe Olga as well but she was doing “woman’s work” preparing salsas and her secret Margarita mix, did I mention it is KILLLER?

Hours of operation from 8:00am to 11:00pm 7 days a week.

For those of you coming from David, turn right as if you were coming to Volcan, 1.7 km on your left, in front of Bugabeno Country Club. Ample parking is available in the open field just to the North of the restaurant.

The restaurant is well worth the trip or the stop if you are going to or coming from David. Did I mention the margarita is KILLER !!!!!

Ask Jose to show you his photographs of Bamboo construction he has worked on, especially if you need another house, I think you will find it amazing!!!

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  1. Hello Don and Gene

    I was just curious, Is this the same Azteca restaurant that used to be on the Pan American highway just past Concepcion, from David, on the left hand side of the road. I think that was the original location and then it moved to the Skanladia which is just before Concepcion on the Right hand side of the road. If it is, I am very happy to hear they are back open. They do have some of the best original Mexican food I have eaten in Panama. The tostadas were the best I have had outside Mexico. My only reservation and the reason I stopped eating at Skanlandia was that I got the dreaded Gringo bait and switch one day. After I had eaten and was set to pay the bill, I noticed it was twice as expensive as it should have been and when I asked I was told that the menue prices were no longer correct and that everything was almost double going from 2.50 per item to 5.00 per item. Like most I complained, paid, and left never to go back. So I hope this is the original people, the names sound correct, and the food and service are as good as they used to be. I would highly recommend a stop the next time you are headed in that direction.

    Good eats

  2. I think you are right…Same people? I do not know. If the bait and switch is tried, talk to Jose, the IMPRESSION I got he would not do that. If they try it, let the community know!!!

  3. Hi Joe. I do not know the restaurant.

    Hi Gene. Thanks for sending the information on the restaurant. I am always good to go for a new restaurant.

  4. Hey Gene
    I saw Jose at the restaurant right after he moved from across the street and talked to him then, but didnt see him there after that. I wasnt an extremely frequent visitor but liked stopping by for good Mex food on my way to David. At the old restaurant they didnt serve it until after 3 in the afternoon, and served very good Panamanian food prior to that. If I experience the problem again I would let Jose know. I wish them nothing but the best and I will try the Margarita when I return. Thanks

  5. Hello Gene, Hello Don,

    Jose and Olga, operated the Skanlati Restaurant/Rooms just before enter Bugaba. It was our residence during renovating our finca. Their service had a excellent price/quality ratio. Their ceviche was excellent and if you are not the “rip mi off type” and ask for daily specials you always got excellent food, Panamanian or Mexican for their low level price stated in their menu. The new location will be sure on the top 10 places to eat out in the area Bugaba / David.
    Greetings from the middle East, expecting the summer vacation in Panama to escape the desserts heat.

  6. Hi Michael. I plan on going up and trying out the breakfast tomorrow. I also plan on making a trip for lunch another day and trying the Mexican food.

    Thanks for taking hte time to leave a comment.

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