How To Be A Wheeler Dealer

Another article that has been waiting to get written was my meeting Señor Robinson. I have been by SERVICENTRO ROBINSON many times. While I knew of this auto service center, I hadn’t connected that this was THE Señor Robinson that builds all of the adult tricycles you see running around town.

I am sure you have seen these tricycles, but you probably have given little thought as to who makes them or why they are such an important item in the lives of those that have them.

For over 11 years, Señor Robinson has been making these tricycles. Each one is tailor made to the needs of each user. It is amazing to see how he adapts each bike. It all depends on what the physical problem is of that individual.

He has built over 3,000 of these tricycles. You will see them sprinting down the InterAmerican Highway. Can you imagine what a self confidence boost this is for individuals that were totally dependent on others, to now be empowered and capable of earning money for themselves.

The photo at the top of this post came from January 1998 publication of CUMBRE and contained an article about Señor Robinson written by Gene Sagel.

Señor Robinson is a real benefactor to these needy individuals in Panama. He does all of the construction at no cost to the individual at his service center. Several of the parts cannot be manufactured, but have to be purchased new, such as the gear mechanism and the peddle axle assembly.

While Señor Robinson does the individualized construction for $0, he does depend on donations of the parts that he cannot manufacture. He has a special arrangement with the TOMY Almercen on Calle Quatro. Calle Quatro is the one way street the runs in front Romeros across from Parque Cervantes. When you get to the end of Calle Quatro, where you would normally turn left to go to the InterAmerican Highway, go straight ahead and on the right at the next corner you will see TOMYS. You can miss it.

If you go into TOMYS and tell them you want to pay for the parts for Señor Robinson, they will fill out a triplicate form for a contribution of $120. TOMYs keeps one, you get one and you take one to SERVICENTRO ROBINSON. Señor Robinson always has a waiting list and your contribution will make you a real Wheeler Dealer and you can feel good about helping someone help themselves.

Here is a photo of one tricycle that was in progress the day I went by.

I took a photo of Señor Robinson with his photo album of all the tricycles he has made.

When you go by to drop off your TOMY’s receipt, at SERVICENTRO ROBINSON, ask to meet Señor Robinson. Shake his hand and tell him you are proud to meet him and you appreciate what he does. Thanks to Tom McCormack for introducing me to Señor Robinson.

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