Pura Vida – Part 4

We started the next day with a typical Costa Rican breakfast. Gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, fried cheese and plantain. It was a very good way to start the day.

We then drove to Zarcero. Zarcero is known for its cheese. It is also known for its park with manicured shrubbery. Here are a few photos of the park. Pay particular attention to the arch shrubbery.

On the way out of town, we stopped and did buy some cheese and other goodies. You may recognize this as the candy that we made at the Raspadura factory.

Here is a photo I took in another town. Must have been big oxen that could pull that cart.

Here are some photos taken in Grecia. It appears that most of these towns had town squares that centered around a church. The Grecia church was very attractive.

By the time we were in Grecia, it was time for lunch. We stopped for pupusas. I used to eat them here in David and photographed how they were made.

We didn’t make it back to Puriscal until late and the drive to the house was even more exciting that we had planned. As we were entering Puriscal the traffic stopped and we had to take a detour that was better suited for mules or at least a 4×4. I was very relieved when we pulled into the house drive way, Whew!

The next post will have some photos of Puriscal and some Costa Rica observation. Stay tuned for Pura Vida – Part 5.

5 thoughts on “Pura Vida – Part 4

  1. This area is one of my favorites in C.R. Thank you for the pics, they bring me back! I especially love the one of the church, it really is beautiful, thanks Don Ray!!!

  2. Love all the photos. We will be there for the first time in February. I’ll check it out in my trusty Frommers guide.

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