PriceSmart Changes

The good news is that they have opened up a specialty coffee and Frappes shop in PriceSmart. I had a Cappachino today and it was great.

The bad news is I missed a PC deal. They had marked their last iMac down by 50% and while I was thinking about what a good deal it was, it was picked up. That is called, You Snooze – You Lose. Congratulations to the person that bought it.

7 thoughts on “PriceSmart Changes

  1. I remember when a cup of coffee was 10 cents in Panama in the early 1980’s. $1 and more is not a smart price or Price Smart, maybe it’s the large smile that is driving up the cost for a cup of Joe, go figure.

  2. Don,
    On related subject (by a stretch, from the reference to the PC), I’ve got a moribund blog (last post, June, 2008, using, the google engine) which I’m considering reviving. In thinking about that, I noticed the nifty google translator gadget you use, which is the “We speak your language” gadget, as I understand it. Do you know how I can insert/upload the gadget into blogspot? thanks, T

  3. oh man…if Macs came down in price…I’d snag one. Macs are real popular with photographers and graphics folks. However, with Windows 7, a 64bit OS that can handle large amounts of RAM, and a lower price…I’m a little less inclined to want to jump ship. It’s kind of like new-car shopping. Somedays I wanna Mac…somedays I don’t wanna Mac. I think I’m unstable at times. 🙂

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