Sunday at Mrs. Mendozas

Last Sunday we went to Mrs. Mendozas for lunch. Two people had meals that I have pictured in previous posts. One had the Taco Salad. I have to admit, I liked it on the day I tried it. Another had the Chicken Quesadillas and was very happy.

I chose something called Ranchodillas (I think).

I think it was in the $10.00 price range. It had a layer of Fajita meat covered with cheese and a sauce. It also came with two Chicken flautas and small bowls of refried beens and rice.

I have liked several things at Mrs. Mendozas, but I really enjoyed this plate. There was plenty of meat and it was very tender and very tasty. I also enjoyed the chicken flautas.

I went home very contented and I hadn’t even had a margarita. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sunday at Mrs. Mendozas

  1. “I chose something called Ranchodillas (I think).”

    This just got Nena and I giggling, Don Ray!! You are so daring with your dining adventures. It does look delicious, whatever it’s called!
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx
    (where the temps are headed for the TEENS!!!)

  2. Hi, you still going to this place, for me, that plate ITS VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE $ 10.00 DOLLARSSSS OMG
    I think that many clients in David understood that this place is too expensive for what it offers

  3. I’m with Ricky on this one… way too expensive for the amount and quality of food. We had lunch yesterday at the little cafe right across from the Bomberos in David (down the street from Chiriqui Hospital). Sorry, don’t remember the name. Lunch for two was $6.00 (excellent soup, fried rice, cole slaw, plantain, tasty chicken (frito or asado) and one iced tea). Good service too.

  4. When the cheese got cold it was like plastic, horrible. They are cutting cost at the expense of quality and taste.
    I have not been back.

    Bob from Dallas

  5. Hi Don: Today had lunch with other 12 friends from work and all of us were very happy with everything ordered. Service was prompt and the food good and portions were satisfying. All had a great time. We had nachos with beef as appetizer, some ordered the Steak Mendoza’s(very good!), tacos, burrito, sampler, fajita, flan and the brownie. The flan and brownies were enjoyed immensely.

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