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Have a Great Day

Today I am going to help Jorge and Vicky with their Christmas Party but I didn’t want to leave you without any entertainment. I have seen this group several times and always enjoy the uniqueness of their performances.

While I am having fun sit back and enjoy this short video. After it is done, remember it is Saturday and go out and smell some roses. I will have some photos of the Christmas party to share with you as soon as I can process the photos. I am expecting a wonderful and fulfilling day. You have a great day as well.

Two Special Days

Over the last two days I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple Chiriquí Chatter readers. Jim and I met at Restaurante Mana for a coffee and Jim tried out some of Vicky’s culinary arts. If I remember correctly, Jim was from Virginia beach.

We had a great conversation. Jim gave Jorge some money for the Saturday party and also gave me some money to buy some items for a lady I had written up recently. I plan on going by her house in a couple of days and evaluating how to best assist her. Thanks Jim. I will see that the money is used wisely.

The following day I met with a couple (Greg and Liliana) from Atlanta who are considering Panama as a retirement destination. We went to Stella’s Marina and had one of Walter’s fine lunches. I didn’t take any photos of the meals, I have several in the archives, but I did take a photo of the Maracuya dessert. Boy was it yummy.

Greg and Liliana cracked me up. They had read the post I did on the Living Will and brought a Christmas gift of some Hershey’s Chocolate. You have to read the post to see the humor in the chocolate.

I always enjoy getting to meet and visit with some of the readers of Chiriquí Chatter. It helps me to connect faces with the comments that come in and to get a feel of what they have found of interest in CC. It was a great two days and I had a great time. Thanks to Jim and Greg and Liliana for taking some time out of their trips to visit with me.

Cafe Corta’o

The other day I had to go to my dentist. My tongue had discovered that I had chipped a porcelain filling from the states and I needed some work done. I also am in need of another deep cleaning.

Dra. Miriam told me that while she always enjoyed seeing me, the cleanings would not be quite as necessary if I would quit buying the Super Floss and start using what I have already bought.

I get her point and she is right. I just keep losing the manual for the super floss and it winds up staying in the box. She has told me I don’t need to floss all my teeth – only those I want to keep. OK, I will try to do better. I will see her next week to finish my procedures.

Back to my original post. After I left her office, I stopped next door at Cafe Corta’o a new coffee shop in Plaza Mallorca..

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Let Me Out Of Here

Yesterday I had another visitor enter the kitchen. It was a hummingbird. That reminds me – I need to see how the one at the church is doing.

Back to my guest. He was in the kitchen and having a terrible time. He would land on the fan blades and then search the ceiling for a way out. I have a swinging door from the kitchen to the dining room and he finally found out how to get to the other room. I shut the door so he would not return to the kitchen.

Now he was stick in the larger area of the living and dining room. I had the door open to the front balcony, but he could not get low enough to fly out. A couple times, he flew to the windows of the dining area, but the screen kept him from leaving.

I finally got my screwdriver and removed one of the screens from the dining room windows.

I then moved to encourage him in the window’s direction. He flew between the two ceiling fans I have in those areas. He had been in the house for close to 5 hours and I was sure he was getting tired and he hadn’t eaten.

With a little more encouragement he went for the window again and made it out. Another success story.

Here are a couple photos of him when he was in the kitchen. Continue reading Let Me Out Of Here