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Birds Of A Feather (sort of)

Last post and photos till I return from Costa Rica. I couldn’t leave without seeing the baby hummingbirds, so I stopped by the church this morning.

Here is the nest. When you look at the birds, remember that the two of them together are smaller than a quarter in size. If you have some change in your pocket, look at a 25 cent piece and consider the size.

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Winding Down

I have a ton of photos from the Restaurant Mana Christmas Party to work. Not going to happen for a while.

I have a bunch more photos that I took today and a good story to go with them. Not going to happen for a while.

I have several other things I want to post. Not going to happen for a while.

I seem to have several loose ends I need to tie up and I guess the next couple days are going to have to be prioritized into getting them done.

Friday, I am planning on leaving for Costa Rica and will be there through Christmas. Most of my loose ends are related to getting ready for the trip and checking on item two below. Continue reading Winding Down

Stanza Cheese Factory in David

I had met Manual Linares over a year ago. One evening, shortly after meeting him, I visited with him in his house and learned a lot about the business of Cheese.

Manuel is the owner and operator of Stanza Cheese Factory in David. He had invited me to see the factory and I have been meaning to visit his factory for a long time. I finally did it last Friday.

We found Manual in his office and he provided us with a tour. I have always been a fan of cheese and processes and today I would learn more of the process of making cheese.

Our first stop was to the laboratory where we met one of the keys to a healthy and cost efficient product. The laboratory technician is responsible for determining the quality of the milk that is received by the process. Bacteria is measured. Fat content is measured. Water content is measured among other things.

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Preparing For A Party

Friday evening at Restaurante Mana was preparation time for the party that was scheduled for Saturday.

Balloons were being blown up and packages were being wrapped. One of the individuals helping was Nicole, Vicky’s daughter. I saw her wearing a pink crown and thought it would make a cute photo.

However, getting a photo of Nicole is not an easy task. Here was my first attempt.

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Helping Hand Follow-up

I mentioned in a previous post that I had received some money to help Yolanda, who I had written about that was in need of some assistance.

I like to meet the person I am helping so I know that the assistance is aimed at the most important needs. Friday afternoon I met with Yolanda and her 13 year old son went out to her house.

There I met the sweetest little 95 year old lady, Yolanda’s mother. In the original post, she was listed as 90 years old, she is really 95. She walked slowly out and sat on the porch and talked to us.

She squeezed my hands in hers and looked into my eyes and asked why it had been so long since I had come to visit her and said it was so nice to see me again. Kinda brought tears to my eyes.

Here are Yolanda and her mother.

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