One More time

One more time I feel like the butcher that backed into his blade and got a little behind in his work.

I have a ton of photos with stories to accompany them that I haven’t done.

I now have a PC that requires a little work to replace the failed hard drive. Not a big task, I just need to do it.

I am working with a student who is finalizing a thesis and that is a priority project.

I have some pending legal work that I hope I can get finished in 2010. It is the one thing that prevents everyday from being a perfect day.

I need to get started gathering data and filling out the 2009 Income Tax forms.

I still need to do more research for a minimal Linux OS to assist Antonio Singh and his project of bringing the Internet to underprivileged areas in Panama. That project should happen in 2010.

I am also trying not to let a cold take control of my body. I feel better this morning than I did last night.
The last thing I need to do is to check on the items on my Living Will List. Who knows, I might already be dead. 😉

9 thoughts on “One More time

  1. Hi Don:

    I can see you have a big “To Do List”. I’m sure that once you get started, everything will be accomplished. You are that kind of person.

    Regarding the Living Will, I have been dragging my feet in that and it should be done. I usually don’t like talking about being dead; but it’s a undeniable fact of life.



  2. WHERE is all that time they promised us when we retired??! Everybody was telling me how bored I would be with too much time on my hands?! haha

    Just keep digging into the pile, Don Ray, there must be an end in there somewhere? And take care of yourself!!
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. Hi Don,

    I have a list that may help you with your chores (in no particular order)….


    Sure, things won’t get done until manana, but as you know in Panama…that can be a mighty long time! Happy New Year!


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