Hard Drive Failure

I have had a major hard drive failure on my primary PC. It appears that the disk that contained the Microsoft OS Vista has died. Unfortunately, that disk contained the boot-loader for my Linux system and I am unable to boot into Linux.

I was able to boot up a live CD Linux system and backup all files, documents and photos off the Linux system, so now the problem will be determining the best approach to rebuild the Primary PC.

Currently, I have moved to my backup PC. Until I get the primary PC back on the air, there will be minimal posts.

UPDATE: Reinstalled boot loader and the system is back up. Takes for ever to come up, but I think that is the BIOS detecting the failed drive. It should speed up when I have a chance to remove that drive from the system.

4 thoughts on “Hard Drive Failure

  1. Hi Don:

    I know exactly how you feel. I recently had a busted hard disk and all most information was lost. Fortunately, I had backed my most valuable info on the cloud.

    Good luck with the repairs.

    BTW, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.



  2. Hi Omar,

    I have everything (almost) backed up to an external drive and also into a secondary PC. What I have to do now, is decide if I want to reinstall Windows Vista. I made Vista recovery disks and assuming they work, it should not be a difficult task after replacing the old hard drive.

    These days it is worthwhile to have everything backed up.

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