Preparing For A Party

Friday evening at Restaurante Mana was preparation time for the party that was scheduled for Saturday.

Balloons were being blown up and packages were being wrapped. One of the individuals helping was Nicole, Vicky’s daughter. I saw her wearing a pink crown and thought it would make a cute photo.

However, getting a photo of Nicole is not an easy task. Here was my first attempt.

Here was my second attempt. She quickly ducked behind the lady.

Third time was a charm!

However, when the flash went off, she ran in the kitchen and I heard her say, YA!

Ya is the word in Spanish that is used for any number of reasons. Stop, enough, finished, I’m ready. It is the intonation that tells you the speakers meaning. In this case that was no question in my mind what she meant and the camera was place back in its case.

Oh on Saturday, I took about 90 photos and I am trying to decide how to present them and it may take me some time. Not to worry! I will eventually get the Saturday party for Restaurante Mana’s Kids posted.

4 thoughts on “Preparing For A Party

  1. BUSTED!! haha

    Nicol, you look fine in the photos, bonita!!

    Don Ray, valuable lesson. Young girls, regardless of nationality, MUST spend hours getting ready for photos! haha Heck, girls of ALL ages must spend hours getting ready for photos! YA!

    Looking forward to the party pics!
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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