Helping Hand Follow-up

I mentioned in a previous post that I had received some money to help Yolanda, who I had written about that was in need of some assistance.

I like to meet the person I am helping so I know that the assistance is aimed at the most important needs. Friday afternoon I met with Yolanda and her 13 year old son went out to her house.

There I met the sweetest little 95 year old lady, Yolanda’s mother. In the original post, she was listed as 90 years old, she is really 95. She walked slowly out and sat on the porch and talked to us.

She squeezed my hands in hers and looked into my eyes and asked why it had been so long since I had come to visit her and said it was so nice to see me again. Kinda brought tears to my eyes.

Here are Yolanda and her mother.

I asked Yolanda what was the most important thing I could bring her and asked about the adult pampers. She told me that her mother didn’t like them and would remove them and it would be better if I could get some non toxic cleaning supplies, toilet paper, Ensure and some other items.

I have scheduled to pick up items and return next Tuesday.

Yolanda has a young Gnobe girl that a friend pays to assist Yolanda with her mother. She was shy and wasn’t interested in having her photo taken, but eventually allowed it.

I was very impressed with Yolanda and could tell that accepting assistance is not something that she is used to. She is an educated lady and used to helping others. However, her bout with lymphatic cancer has altered her previous plans and she is currently unable to work.

She has undergone 6 of 9 chemotherapy treatments and is on hold to get tested again in March. Her last tests were positive and in March, they will decide if further treatments are needed or not. Currently, Yolanda said she was feeling much better and she is awaiting her next test results.

I felt very good after meeting with Yolanda, her 13 year old son and her mother and know that the supplies will be going to a worthwhile purpose. Yolanda has always looked out for and assists other needy people in the area, so any donations that she can’t use will go to a needy community around her.

She is used to helping others and with our help and prayers will be back in that mode

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