Two Special Days

Over the last two days I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple Chiriquí Chatter readers. Jim and I met at Restaurante Mana for a coffee and Jim tried out some of Vicky’s culinary arts. If I remember correctly, Jim was from Virginia beach.

We had a great conversation. Jim gave Jorge some money for the Saturday party and also gave me some money to buy some items for a lady I had written up recently. I plan on going by her house in a couple of days and evaluating how to best assist her. Thanks Jim. I will see that the money is used wisely.

The following day I met with a couple (Greg and Liliana) from Atlanta who are considering Panama as a retirement destination. We went to Stella’s Marina and had one of Walter’s fine lunches. I didn’t take any photos of the meals, I have several in the archives, but I did take a photo of the Maracuya dessert. Boy was it yummy.

Greg and Liliana cracked me up. They had read the post I did on the Living Will and brought a Christmas gift of some Hershey’s Chocolate. You have to read the post to see the humor in the chocolate.

I always enjoy getting to meet and visit with some of the readers of Chiriquí Chatter. It helps me to connect faces with the comments that come in and to get a feel of what they have found of interest in CC. It was a great two days and I had a great time. Thanks to Jim and Greg and Liliana for taking some time out of their trips to visit with me.

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