Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

A Word of Caution

I was talking to my friend Tom McCormack yesterday at CONWAY and he passed on two pieces of information related to recent crime. I am sure that there have been more, but it needs to get more visibility so that people don’t move to Panama thinking that this sort of thing doesn’t happen.

The first occurred close to Iglesia Bautista Biblica in David. Passports were stolen from the room along with more than $8,000. No violence, just theft. I know the preacher of the church has been robbed a couple of times.

The second was in the Boquete area. An individual that Tom knew, saw him the other day and Tom said he didn’t recognize him. His face was bruised and battered. Two men in masks had entered his house and beat him up and drug his wife around the house by her hair to get them to open a safe. An alarm went off and the thieves left.

This is third hand information for me, but I believe it has substance. Tom had first hand communications with both sets of victims Continue reading A Word of Caution

CONWAY David Opens

A 11:00 AM Conway was scheduled to open their doors. I arrived 15 minutes early and the parking lots were already full.

People were waiting to the right of the door.

People were waiting to the left of the door.

The media was there taking videos of those waiting and they filmed the first to enter. I took photos of those taking photos/videos.

At 11:00 sharp, the doors opened. I had taken about three photos when I was approached by Yoram Litvin, the Director of Conway. He welcomed me to the store and spoke perfect English. We exchanged cards. I noticed that the top of his card says TARGET, S. A. I hadn’t realized that Conway was affiliated with Target. He was extremely gracious and I appreciated that he took the time to visit with me.

I have a lot of photos. I will take you through a photo tour of this excellent addition to David businesses. Besides being a great store, it is providing work for a lot of Panamanians. Congratulations to Chiriquí and to David. Continue reading CONWAY David Opens