Itanello’s Grill and Wine Bar

The Itanello’s Grill and Wine Bar of Hotel Best Western David is now open. Sunday was my first visit to this restaurant.

As the name of the restaurant implies, this is an Italian restaurant. Following is the current menu. I try to post menus on my first visit to restaurants and always remind my readers that the menu and prices were valid at the time the post appeared. Menus and prices change over time, so this is only intended to provide you an idea of what was available at the time of the post.

I apologize for the quality of the menu photos. The pages were in plastic sleeves and I had a hard time not overpowering the photo with the flash.

The menu follows.

Three of us dined on Sunday, so I can show you three different meals.

Two chose pastas. The first was Primavera. The person that ate it was happy with the way it was prepared and its flavor.

The second plate was Alfredo. It also met expectations and was enjoyed.

I chose Salmon en salsa Toscana. My Salmon was excellent. The sauce was extremely good.

I always have to try a dessert and two of us shared a Creeme Brule. The custard was not as firm as I am usually used to, but the flavor was good and it was satisfying. It was the first time I have ever seen colored sprinkles on a Creeme Brule.

As the restaurant and hotel are new, the management is interested in comments and suggestions to improve service and meet expectations.

I have other things on the menu I would like to try, so there will be more visits.

If you stop into Itanello’s Grill and Wine Bar, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter. If you have comments or suggestions, Susan Aguilera’s card and email address is in the Best Western Post.

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