My openSUSE Desk Top

I thought you might like to see the desktop on my KDE system I wrote about in a previous post. Here is a screen capture.

I am using the plain vanilla desktop that comes with openSUSE. I have sprinkled a few widgets on it and they all have a use for me.

Here is a little information about what you are seeing. The screen works a lot like a Window’s desktop. To start n application you click on the green icon in the lower left corner and it will open a menu window that you can navigate through to the application you want.

Some common functions that are used often, are immediately to the right of the green icon. By the way, the green icon is of a lizard, which is openSUSE’s mascot.

At the top left is an area of items saved in the folder, “desktop”. Below it I put a widget of the wastebasket (same function as the waste basket on Windows).

Below the desktop area, you see two eyes. They follow the cursor as you move it around the desktop. It’s function is to entertain me.

To the right of the desktop area is a frame that displays random photos that I have taken. Yep, that is for entertainment too.

To the right of the photo is a world map with the default time of Panama, but if I scroll across the map, the time for that region appears. Not easily seen in this photo, but it also displays what part of the world is currently having daytime or night time. Partly practical and partly entertainment.

To it’s right is a digital clock. OK, maybe a little redundant.

Below the analog clock is a simple calendar.

Below the calendar is a calculator.

To the left of the calendar is a conversion widget. I still need help when it comes to converting units such as Fahrenheit to Celsius, or acres to hectares or kl/l to MPG. It gets a fair amount of use.

Below the calculator are two system monitor widgets. The top monitors CPU utilization and the bottom monitors Internet traffic.

Above the open applications bar at the bottom of the screen you may see a small yellow face. This is an application that is running called “amor”. It is a little desktop creature that runs around the desktop. He puts on glasses, grows hair, burns up and many entertaining things. Again, I have to keep myself entertained.

There are many other widgets available, but this how my desktop is currently configured.

4 thoughts on “My openSUSE Desk Top

  1. Cool stuff – superfluous, but cool. Don, where do you get widgets? Are these things you can down load? The one about inet use is kinda cool, and I’d be interested in getting one. tks, T

  2. Now Don you needed to wait until the 25 of this month to open your toys and play. Santa keeps a list of those who are knotty. BTW that hole is still there across the street from your favorite fruit stand and next to that tall gray wall with the barbed wire on top.

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