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Organic Farmer Wanted – Finca Santa Marta

I received the following with a request to post:

We are seeking a highly motivated organic farmer to oversee our expanding greenhouse production.

Must have organic farming background. Bilingual person preferred but not mandatory. Must have drivers license and be willing to move to the area.

This is a good career opportunity for the right person. Good pay and benefits. Please pass this information on to any interested persons.

Finca Santa Marta
Healthy Food for Panama
Santa Marta, Panama

Spanish or English – phone Tino 6629-3901

English – email Ron at

One More time

One more time I feel like the butcher that backed into his blade and got a little behind in his work.

I have a ton of photos with stories to accompany them that I haven’t done.

I now have a PC that requires a little work to replace the failed hard drive. Not a big task, I just need to do it.

I am working with a student who is finalizing a thesis and that is a priority project.

I have some pending legal work that I hope I can get finished in 2010. It is the one thing that prevents everyday from being a perfect day.

I need to get started gathering data and filling out the 2009 Income Tax forms.

I still need to do more research for a minimal Linux OS to assist Antonio Singh and his project of bringing the Internet to underprivileged areas in Panama. That project should happen in 2010.

I am also trying not to let a cold take control of my body. I feel better this morning than I did last night.
The last thing I need to do is to check on the items on my Living Will List. Who knows, I might already be dead. 😉

Hard Drive Failure

I have had a major hard drive failure on my primary PC. It appears that the disk that contained the Microsoft OS Vista has died. Unfortunately, that disk contained the boot-loader for my Linux system and I am unable to boot into Linux.

I was able to boot up a live CD Linux system and backup all files, documents and photos off the Linux system, so now the problem will be determining the best approach to rebuild the Primary PC.

Currently, I have moved to my backup PC. Until I get the primary PC back on the air, there will be minimal posts.

UPDATE: Reinstalled boot loader and the system is back up. Takes for ever to come up, but I think that is the BIOS detecting the failed drive. It should speed up when I have a chance to remove that drive from the system.

Pura Vida – Part 2

In this part I will discuss a little about the Paso Canoas experience. Since our destination was to San Jose, I was talked into going by bus again. I am not going to cover much about the actual bus trip, because it pretty well resembles a previous post I did going to San Jose. I will talk about some of the differences.

Let’s start at Paso Canoas. This is the border crossing going into Costa Rica and you have to go through both customs areas to have your Passport stamped and on the Costa Rica Side you have to fill out a document stating your destination and reason for traveling there.

Both going and returning, the Costa Rica side was relatively non eventful from the customs side. The wait line time was based on whether there as a bus load of people in front of you.

Panama, on the other hand, can be described in one word. HORRIBLE! Here are a couple photos of the line going to the departing Panama windows. This was Friday the 18th and I was told that on the 17th the line was twice as long. I think I only saw one departing window operating. Continue reading Pura Vida – Part 2