Restaurante Mana’s Kids Party Reminder

Here is an update from Jorge related to the children party that Restaurante Mana is having on Saturday, December 12. Original announcement is HERE. Follow-up Message is HERE.

Just a reminder to keep the donations coming for the Kid’s party December
12th … You can see a picture of some of them on the photo below.

Thank you so much for the donations that some of you have brought or sent.
We started with a party of 60 kids and we are up to 85! We are closing it
there due to space.

We have had donations of cash, hamburger meat and rice. We still need more
of the same plus 2 piñatas full of candy (2 age groups), 4- 5gal buckets of
ice-cream, hotdogs, fruit punch, sheet cakes for 85 kids, bags of candy so
they can take home and nice gifts.

If you have any questions, please call 6038-6239

Thank you again for your generosity and the willingness to give joy to these
underprivileged kids.

2 thoughts on “Restaurante Mana’s Kids Party Reminder

  1. That’s a nice picture, Don. It’s nice to see and hear stories about folks in the community working to take care of their own…

  2. Hi Tambopaxi. Credit for the photo goes to Jorge of Restaurante Mana. He and I both felt that people need to see the faces of those that the party will be given for.

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