Knock Knock Anyone there Cable Onda

All day yesterday and still this morning, I don’t have the ABC and CBS channels. Makes it tough to watch Sunday football in English if the channels are down.

It did force me to do other things. Do you thing that was really Cable Onda’s plan.

“Hmmm. Don needs to get out of the house. Someone shut down ABC and CBS. “

I have another busy day, so another day lost won’t hurt either, but it is still annoying to flip across the channel and not find it.

UPDATE: 8:30 AM and the channels have returned. My original post was at 7:47 AM. Maybe the Sunday watch fell asleep.

14 thoughts on “Knock Knock Anyone there Cable Onda

  1. hey don,
    here in panama city when cbs has a game (college or pro) on cable onda always blocks it. they have their own sports channel, here is channel 15. sometimes they will they will show the cbs game on channel 15 and sometimes they will show a different game. they are in english.

  2. Hi Bob. Didn’t know that, but this is a different problem. Both channels are not to be found. Maybe Cable Onda didn’t pay their bill. 🙂

  3. Cable Onda always had reliable service when I was there (97-02), and the service here in Quito is good, with the regular networks, CNN, Fox, etc. Still, the old saying, “Ninety-nine channels, and nothing’s on,” still applies…

  4. Don—I have “HAVA” on my computer,I see all the programs that I would get in the US—-if the internet is up-the game is on—-so is anything else that you want to watch

  5. Tim, while this is Don Ray’s blog, I for one would appreciate it if readers would not bring partisan politics into it. This is a place of refuge from the nastiness that calls itself US politics nowadays.


  6. Don Ray:
    I wonder, do you ever watch panamanian TV channels? I helped my lousy English watching News, Johnny Carson and any show I could from the defunct Southern Command Network channel while living in Panama.

  7. I lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides as an Army wife from 9/68 thru 9/71. Armed Forces TV did not come on until the afternoon and went off at 11 pm. There was no TV at all on Sundays.

    It really does encourage you to pursue other interests and do more family oriented things! We were usually to tuckered out at night to worry about TV.

  8. Don Ray:
    You got that right, “forced” is how I remember I watched all those novelas when I was a kid, on those days there were only 2 channels (RPC and TVN) and they were B&W, no remote.

  9. Hi Billie. I try to get out and o other things. Taking photos helpe.

    Hi Jaime. The novelas are funny. I say that they are only music and eyed. A dramatic part will happen and then the camera will sort of pan around looking at the eyes of all the participants with an appropriate type of music playing in the background.

  10. Hi, Don: Here is Miguel Pabon again, just to ask you two things:
    As a retired person; how much monthly income do I have to prove to retire there in David now and if there is possible that my wife could be considered as well having enough steady income that she can prove?

    Thank you so much and your help will be appreciated.

  11. Hi Miguel. I don’t keep up with the requirements as they change. I believe the last I heard, $600/month was needed from a recognized pension plan. I also believe a spouse could be added for another $100. However, if you look at the Panama government site there will be a description for the various plans.

    In the Chiriqui Chatter Link section, under, Panama Pensionado/Retiree Information and Requirements, you should find some sites. I haven’t check all sites to see if they are current, but that should ger you started.

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