Mana’s Kids

The other day I posted On a party that is to be given by Restaurante Mana. Today, I received and email from Jorge and Vicky with a photo of a handful of the the kids that are planning on coming. For many this will be an event you can’t even imagine.

This is the true spirit of Christmas at work. My thanks go out to Jorge and Vicky for seeing a need and filling it. One of the most fun times I have had while living in Panama was Christmas of 2005. There were more kids involved, but the joy that came from the event will be the same this year only on a little smaller scale.

If you can help the dream come true, visit the previous post for information. Today’s email and photo follow.

Hi Don,
I took a picture of some of the kids that will be coming to the Christmas
Party on December 12th of this year!

They are so excited about it …

Thought it would be nice for the people that have given donations to put a
face to it.

Thank you for all the generous people for their blessings and thank you Don
and Liliam for all you do.

Jorge and Vicky

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