Thanksgiving Lunch at Ciudad de David

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US. I really thought I would not have the possibility of a Thanksgiving meal, because I didn’t want to drive out of David to one of the many places that I had seen that were having specials.

I decided we would try one of the two new hotels. I flipped a coin and Ciudad de David came up “heads” and off we went.

Can you imagine my surprise when I learned that they were having a special Thanksgiving meal. What good fortune. Here is what what they were serving.

We all ordered the special. While I was waiting, I took a photo of the buffet furniture that had been placed in the restaurant since I took the photos on my original visit and tour of the hotel.

The first thing that came out was the bread. It was made in the hotel and came with my favorite Danish butter. Yum.

We had a fruit punch with our meal. It was as good as it looks in the photo.

Next came the cream of broccoli soup. Very nice!

It was followed by the salad, which reminded me of a Waldorf salad. It was very good.

Now for the main plate. It had three nice slices of turkey covered with an amazing sauce, that I can’t even describe. The corn was juicy and sweet and with just the right amount of butter. The green peas has some red pepper and was seasoned to my satisfaction. Last was the roasted potatoes. It could not have been prepared any better. I loved it.

The meal was followed by a very delicious slice of pumpkin pie. Not just any pumpkin pie, but one over a layer of cheesecake. Now this meal was something to be thankful for.

Jessica Real, who had given me my tour through the hotel on my original visit, came by the table and thanked us for joining them for lunch and asked how we liked our meal. Magically, after she left, we were asked if we would like a complimentary after dinner drink. I asked what they suggested and they said to try a Spanish drink. I took a photo of the bottle because I knew I would never remember the name.

It came in a small sniffer glass and reminded me of Grand Marnier, but with a yellow color and more of a hint of grape flavor. What a great way to top off an outstanding meal.

While I wasn’t expecting a Thanksgiving meal, I had one that allowed me to give thanks. Thanks for my living in a wonderful country as Panama. Thanks for all of my friends, family and loved ones. Thanks for being able to share my life in Panama with a people around the world. Thanks for my good health and many more things.

Before I left I asked if they had a regular menu. They said their real menu was in the process of being printed and they showed me their temporary menu. The said the one being printed would be more extensive, but I thought this one would give you an idea of what you can currently get.

As I have said before, eating out is a tough job, but someone has to do it. I am lucky that David is providing a growing number of places to exercise my taste buds.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Lunch at Ciudad de David

  1. Don Ray:
    I am glad you have a good Thanksgiving. This place is for fine dinning, and the prices, even though more expensive that most places in David, are cheaper that comparable meals in US. Lucky you! How is that waist line doing? (I believe my waistline gain 2 inches last night)

  2. Hi Jamie. Thanks for worrying about my waistline. It is doing fine. The amount of food yesterday was just right. Not too much and not too little. David is starting to offer plenty of dining out options with prices to meet everyones needs.

  3. Just to add my twopennyworth, I thought a meal we had there one evening to be overpriced, even considering the ambiance. As my wife is a vegetarian, the Ensalada Capresse at $7.00 for her main course consisted of a few lettuce leaves and tomato/e was a little exorbitant even with the discount.
    My Pollo Salteado was very small and the grilled vegetables were in short supply.
    Our dinner partners had steak which was not cooked to their liking and had to be returned for a re-cook. The mashed potatoes were cold and were still cold when the meal was returned to the table.
    We did bring our concerns to the waitress and the owner.

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