Hotel Best Western David (No Longer Best Western)

Hotel Best Western David is now open. Formerly it was Hotel Panama Rey.

I stopped by and Susan Aguilera, the General Manager, gave me a tour. Thank you Susan.

Here is the outside of the hotel.

When you enter the hotel, you will first be informed that this is a Best Western.

Next you will be greeted by these smiling faces. You will be happy to know that everyone at the front desk speaks excellent English as well as Spanish.

To the left of the reception desk is a nice seating area and through the doors is a very large meeting room.

To the right of the reception desk is a large restaurant specializing in Italian food. I was also told that they have one of the finest chefs in all of Panama and that this is the place to come to have a good steak.

To the far right is a wine bar.

Now lets look at some of the rooms. First is a suite. The beds were very nice and I was told that the mattress was a tempurpedic.

The view out the window is one of the best in David.

All rooms have a flat-screen TV. The suite has a mini-bar.

Here is a photo of the bathroom.

Here is a photo of a standard room.

Some rooms are equipped for the handicapped. Here is a bathroom showing an enlarged shower with wall assists

They are in the process of getting clearance from Best Western to be able accommodate some pets in the room with surcharge added for having a pet. I think it was $30 and there was a size limit on the pet. If this is of interest to you, I recommend getting conformation when you make your reservation.

Current room prices including a 10% A.T.P are $88 for the standard room and $121 for the suite. Breakfast is included in the room rate as well as wifi Internet.

Below is Susan Aguilera’s card. If you stop into the Best Western, tell them you heard of them on Chiriquí Chatter.

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16 thoughts on “Hotel Best Western David (No Longer Best Western)

  1. Hello Don Ray;

    Thanks for the Post, Last night after thinking about it Our Manager Susana Aguilera, decided to make a Thanksgiving Dinner at our Hotel we will be serving; Turkey, Mashed Potatos, Green Bean Casserole and Corn, every one is invited to join us and enjoy a great night .

    Dinner is at 8:30 p.m. for $12.00 per person

    See you all at Itanello´s Grill and Wine Bar, at Best Western Hotel, Old Panama Rey..

    Davis Marshall
    H.B. Reception

  2. Ok so Don Ray, I backed you up on one of your blogs until I went to one of the Hotels that you suggested. What you would think cant be screwed up is a best western. I have to assume you are being paid something for all the rosy comments as I had quite a different experience. David, btw, has got to be one of the worst places I have ever visited. Then add on the cold shower I took this morning, no minibar, no shampoo, and the twice I got sick last night thanks to the pasta (thought I couldnt go wrong with Bacon in Pasta). My 11 yr old Nephew does the same trick, put enogh olive oil and grease in anything and it tastes good. The rooms were surprisingly nice though given the look of the place from the road.

    Then I went for my Continental breakfast with Cold Coffee and a bowl of special K with an ounce of warm milk in the bottom. Then I waited for 20 minutes and nothing else came, Im in no rush so I waited longer…hahaha foolish me. I have never seen so many people running around a place and so little getting accomplished. These people should go into Politics.

    Let me finish by saying it is a pity that David is at such Altitude, cause if it were at sea level we could pray for a Tsunami to wipe the slate clean. My advice to travellers…go back home and earn some more money so you can go to Hawaii!!

    Ray Ray

  3. Hi Ray Ray. I think most of the posts I have done have been a quite a while in the past and I don’t think you will fine any where I recommended staying in the Best Western. I however don’t think I have made any that recommend not staying there as well.

    I have posted meals there and one Valentine Night there and they have all be accurately represented.

    Another thing that is different is that all of the posts I have done in the past were when the owners were in the David Best Western. I am sure when owners are in the hotel they have more of an eye on how things are being handled. The reason I have open comments is so that whoever stays in one hotel or another can give their opinion.

    I was there for breakfast recently and didn’t get served because the service was too slow and I only ordered coffee and toast. I did leave a message at the desk to notify the owners of the problem and was called by the chef to come in the next day for a complimentary breakfast. I haven’t gone because I don’t expect that, but do expect that they keep up with their clients opinions on service.

    Now to the end of your comment. I believe it is in the worst taste of any I have seen in a long time. If you don’t like the service in a place then comment to what was not to you liking. To wish a tsunami on anyplace is out of place. You have my permission not return to David. It is my home and I am deeply offended by your comment. If Hawaii is your home I wish it nothing but the best weather and to you I hope for a change in attitude toward others.

  4. On my last business trip to David in May, I stayed at the Best Western , it is a newly remodeled hotel. All the staff was very nice and courteous , I never had a problem with hot water , my breakfast let a little to be desired as the new chef didnt quite know how to cook mexican huevos rancheros however they clearly aim to please and that was noted all over the hotel .Service was great

    It is an old building and yet they did a good job of adapting it and creating a very pleasing ,nice and clean hotel The beds and linens were of very nice quality. The mattress was just as home a Tempurpedic and for those who havent slept on one you have to try it….

    The New manager Herny Van Der Henst was very nice and very helpfull. I will continue to stay at the Best Western .

  5. para el sr. don ray…. es muy lamentable su comentario la verdad no se ni de donde viene ni me interesa pero q poco hombre en hablar asi y expresarse asi de esta manera, si tanto desea mal a toda una ciudad q se los lleve un tsunami mejor q se lo lleve a usted pon tan desagradable pareciera q no es hijo de Dios o sepa de que planeta lo trajeron sino le gusta simplemente vayase y deje de hablar,para que viene a panama entonces>>> tenia que ser gringo,,,,psss no todos son como usted pero es una lastima q por su mala experiencia paguen todos los ciudadanos metace en una cueva y encierrece y no salga mas de alli q malo departe suya.. eres un locooo la gente se respeta no son animales como usted.. atrevido

  6. Having lived here in Panama now for 15years, I and my wife have stayed in
    many hotels throughout Panama, some being better than others, especially
    in price and service. It’s a business just like anything else and because our
    stays were just temporary,when we did not get the service expected I would
    let someone at the front desk know , but in a polite manner. Having stayed
    in the Best Western , for one night, we found the service to be satisfactory.
    If something was not to our liking we kindly spoke to the staff and being able
    to speak spanish, it gave us an advantage to see the change immediately.
    Kindness and a little tact , can change the way things are sometimes.
    Everyone may not have the same experience from staying at a hotel as
    someone else, but with so many to choose from everyone can have the
    experience of staying at one.

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