Dynamite comes in Small Packages

My dad always told me that dynamite came in small packages. That was because I was smaller than most of the children my age and he wanted to keep my confidence high. Well, today I see that hummingbirds also come in small packages (eggs).

This morning I received a comment from Maria at the church telling me that an egg had arrived and they were waiting on me and my camera.

After seeing the comment, I quickly rushed over to the church to take the photos.

Here is the nest and you can see one small egg. The egg is a little more than ¼ inch long and less in width. It is about the size of my index finger’s fingernail.

The Padre has up a privacy barrier to prevent some of the children that visit from disturbing the nest.

It was just yesterday that I posted the photos of the hummingbird finishing its nest, so we are at the beginning of the gestation period.

For your Spanish lesson of the day, hummingbird is colibrí in Spanish.

I just searched the Internet to find out what the gestation period is for hummingbirds.

Here is what I found. The gestation period for a hummingbird is 12-19 days. They have from 1 to 3 eggs and the babies start to fly in 18-30 days.

Did you know that there are over 325 different types of hummingbirds and that they are the world’s smallest bird? For more on hummingbirds, see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hummingbirds for English and
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colibri por Español.

Well, we will now just wait and watch. Thanks for contacting me Maria.

7 thoughts on “Dynamite comes in Small Packages

  1. Don Ray:
    Hummingbrids are also called “picaflor” in certain areas of Panama. I have seen nests of different birds while growing up in David, NEVER a hummingbird nest or their eggs. Thanks for educating us.

  2. Hello Don, Though I grew up in the most beautiful mountains of Panama, I had never seen the nest of a “visita-flor” either. Thanks a lot. This is a very short break for my life is very busy providing care for the most lovely elder in our family. Nice to hear that you are fine again. Best regards,

  3. I’m impressed. I’ve seen a lot of hummingbirds here in Ecuador, but never a nest, much less, an egg; very cool!

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