It’s About the Children

I received the following email about a very worth while event that Restaurante Maná is planning for Saturday, December 12th. At this time of the year while we give thanks for all of our blessings, what better way to give thanks than to do something nice for some that are not as fortunate.

Following is the email message.

Here in our neighborhood, there are about 80 children between the ages of 3
and 11 years old with a lot of problems in their homes (poverty, abuse,
alcoholism, etc). A group of us have decided to try to do something for them
for these Christmas Holidays.

We want to have an activity for them on December 12th from 2 PM on, in our
restaurant. We will have music, clowns, face paint, food and other dynamics.
We plan to have meetings every month for them where someone will talk to
them about hope.

We would like to offer them candy, presents, a lunch with hamburgers,
hotdogs, ice-cream, cake; these are things they do not access to ever.

We are hoping for donations from people who care to help less fortunate
children. Please come by Restaurante Maná with any donation of love you
would like to give these beautiful children.

Thank you for your kindness and may God bless all of you,

Jorge and Vicky

5 thoughts on “It’s About the Children

  1. Hola Don,
    Thank you so much for posting this event on your blog.
    Thanks to all of you that have made you donations already and to you’all that are willing to help these underprivileged kids. We would like to have activities with these kids in an ongoing basis; not only for the Christmas Holidays and then forget about them!
    We would like to have the donation of presents, gifts, food, drinks or cash before the day of the event: December 12th of 2009.
    Thank you again,
    Jorge and Vicky

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