Beauty Everywhere If You Look For It

Yesterday, I went to Iglesia San Martin to make my monthly donation sponsoring one of the church youth’s schooling expenses. As I entered the courtyard, Maria – the church’s secretary, asked if I could take a photo. She knows she normally sees me with my camera strapped to my side. I am probably the only person that has ever attended the church with a camera attached to his belt.

I said I would be happy to. She pointed to a hummingbird that was fluttering around. Hidden in this peaceful courtyard is a beautiful hummingbird can you find it?

It seems this bird had decided that this was such a pretty location, and being one of God’s beautiful creatures, it would build its nest here and bring forth some more hummingbirds.

I doubt if you found the bird, so I will will blow up part of the photo.

Here is a closeup of the nest that is being built. The diameter is probably no larger than two inches.

Here is one more photo which will allow you to see the color of the bird’s wings.

It was amazing to me that the bird was so unafraid. It flew withing several feet of me as I stood there. I guess it knew in this place it was safe.

There is beauty everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open or it might fly right past you and you will miss it.

7 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere If You Look For It

  1. Hola Don,
    gracias su amabilidad y por mostrarnos a sus lectores (me cuento entre ellos), el acontecer de esta nuestra querida provincia y de esta su parroquia.

  2. Congratulations Don Ray. That may be the first time anyone ever took a photo of a hummingbird that wasn’t moving.

  3. Hola Don Ray,
    le cuento que tuvimos la dicha de ver la naturaleza en acción, amanecio un huevito (pequeñisimo). Lo esperamos con su camara.

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