President Martinelli At Hotel Ciudad de David Opening

Yesterday, Hotel Ciudad de David had its official inauguration. President Martinelli was scheduled for the event. I arrived around 4:00 PM and you knew that a big event was happening because of all of the police.

It is not everyday that the President of Panama is in David.

Both ends of the street were blocked off and there was a security detail everywhere.

A very nice young lady escorted me into the hotel after she had verified that my name was on the list of journalists in attendance.

Everyone was waiting for the President to arrive.

You can’t have an event such as this without some beautiful ladies in the traditional polleras and the fancy head piece.

The hotel lobby was filled with flowers.

While I was waiting, I visited with these three attractive ladies who work at the reception desk of the hotel. I was surprised when they called me by name and I learned that they read Chiriquí Chatter.

Here are some more of the people that were waiting.

It was announced that President Martinelli was entering.

After President Martinelli had greeted several people, he cut the ceremonial ribbon.

As with all of the business inaugurations I have seen in Panama, there was a blessing for the business and those that would serve the public.

Then for the toast!

The doors were opened to the restaurant and I took this final photo.

This was quite an event. I was fortunate that Tom McCormack had called me and gotten my name on list. This hotel definitely raises the bar for hotel quality in all of Panama, but especially in Chiriquí.

I think I am going to have my next Sunday meal in the Ciudad de David restaurant, now that it is officially open. I can hardly wait.

For photos of the hotel, see this previous post.

6 thoughts on “President Martinelli At Hotel Ciudad de David Opening

  1. Don Ray:
    Rubbing elbows with the President of Panama! Nice! Seems you are becoming famous. Invited to this event, and chiricanos reading your blog and recognizing you on the street. I bet you many would not recognize their mayor or their governor.
    Keep the success of Chiriqui Chatter going!

  2. Wow…pretty cool. After we get there, if the journalist needs an assistant photographer (for CC coverage) at another event like this, I volunteer my time/equipment to help…seriously. 🙂

  3. Hi Mr. Don Ray!
    Thank you very much for your article and the pictures; we hope that you enjoyed the party very much and it will be a pleasure for us to have you visiting our hotel many more times to come in the future.


  4. Hi Michael. Well certainly your equipment would put mine to shame.

    Hi Yuri. The pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed getting to talk to all three of you.

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