Alternative Health Center in David

While I was at the Chiriquí Hospital this morning, I noticed this clinic across the street from the hospital emergency entrance.

What they do or offer, I do not know. Feel free to post a comment if you are knowledgeable about this clinic.

11 thoughts on “Alternative Health Center in David

  1. Don Ray:
    I am amazed how things change. The name of the business is in English! This was unheard of about 20 or maybe 10 years ago. I guess is the sign of the time.

  2. Hi Don. I´m moving to Chiriqui but I discovered a month ago that I have pancreatic cancer. I do not wanto to undergo chemotherapy. . . I wanto to use an alternative treatment. Do you know if in David Chiriqui or somewhre nearby is there a place where I can access these kinds of treatments? Thanks a lot. Andy.

  3. hello bloggers, my name is dave and i just got retired and am considering moving to chiriqui, i’m an ex dirtmover, machanic , operating engineers,local 3 northern calif .
    anyway i was blown away by the comments about not much alternative health treatment, i thought with a menu that the tropics supplied there would be no end to natural, shamanic treatment.
    i just watched a documentery about a fellow that is in the amazon catologing all the knowledge from the last of the ancient shamans in the amazon basin, its a record in history that is disappearing and its pretty cool that this guy is trying to record what those folks knew. i wonder if you folks knew that penicelin naturally occurs in a american tropical plant and the natives used it.
    up here in ca. the buddist have a big following in alternative approaches to health care. so long for now and hope to meet you all some day.

  4. I know is been 2 years since that lol but for any other person who would like to know is a chiropractor clinic , he is from US I don’t remember his name but one family member is going to start treatment there .

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