Poor TV Quality this morning

This morning. ABC, CBS, FOX News, and CNN all are having transmission problems. Sound is breaking up, and there is a lot of pixelation. Often, I consider Fox News as no better than a radio station, because you can listen to it, but watching it drives you crazy because the sound is about 10 seconds behind the picture. Very annoying!

9 thoughts on “Poor TV Quality this morning

  1. I know what you mean! Even here in the US, where there is no delay between audio and video, Fox News still drives me crazy! I too find it very annoying!

    Off track, Don, but maybe you or a reader can help. I am a customer of the late Banistmo, now taken over by HSBC. I find HSBC to be terrible and plan to change banks on my next visit to Panama . I would appreciate feedback from you and your readers about banks.


  2. Hi Tim. While I don’t care for some of the theatrics on Fox News, it is still the best source for news in Panama about the US. Certainly you can’t trust CNN International especially in Spanish.

    If I ever decide to open another account here in Panama, I will consider Global and Banco General.

  3. FYI My T.V. reception from channel 30 and up was terrible. To cut a long story and three engineer visits, the problem was soggy cable out in the street. Rain water had got into the co-ax and it was partially shorting out. The guys ran a new cable and, Lo and Behold, it’s all better.
    Regarding banks Tim, try Banco General. They have just started charging $5.00 to deposit a U.S. check and $3.00 for ATM use but we have found them to be very user friendly. We did, by the way, dump HSBC over a year ago.

  4. Thanks very much, guys. I believe I had read elsewhere that Banco General was one of the more popular options.

  5. I have been using Global Bank in Boquete and have found their customer service to be excellent. They are also paying about 10 times the current US rate on savings accounts (3.5% vs .35%). Now if I just had some money to put there…

  6. “Don’t sacrafice security and safety for higher interest rates”.

    Are you kidding me!!!! With all the bailout money (read taxpayers money) Obama has been throwing at those big American Banks do you really think you are sacraficing security? Those big banks should have been allowed to fail, just like any other business that makes BAD business decisions. I trust the Panamanian Banks more then BOA, Chase, Citi, etc…

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