A Helping Hand Request

I received the following reader request for help. If you can assist in this situation, I will try to figure a way to get the items to the lady.

Dear Don:

You and I had communicated back in May and June regarding my desire to send clothing to David. You were unable to direct me but I found a way.

Any way, the reason why I am writing to you today is to ask you a great favor. I have a dear friend of mine who lives near David (Cañazas I think) and is in dire need of assistance. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent chemotherapy and is presently recuperating. She lives with her teenage son and her 90 year old Mom who has Alzheimer’s. Although she is an accountant by profession, she can no longer work because of her health and the care of her Mom.

I would like to ask any expatriate living in the David area for any used clothing, food, any household items, anything they can spare to help Yolanda make ends meet. Whatever she cannot use herself, she will sell so she can buy food. Her Mom is in desperate need of adult pampers and Ensure or anything similar. I help her as much as I can, whenever I can.
Might you be able to contact expats and request their help for me? Anything they can give will be very much appreciated. Yolanda can have the stuff picked up if need be.

Thank you so much for your cooperation Don.

Betty Filgueira

UPDATE from Betty Figueira

I spoke to Yolanda and she said she lives in the Cañazas belonging to the corregimiento of Chiriqui.
I failed to tell you that Yolanda is in desperate need of a stove if anyone has an old one they no longer use. Also, any leftover building material would be appreciated. Anything at all is welcome, no matter how old.

I am also trying to do a Christmas party for about 80 poor children, including those from an Indian tribe near Yolanda’s home. Yolanda is helping me with this as I do not live there. We would appreciate any toys that can be donated as well. They do not have to be new.

If anyone has it in his/her heart to give any donations Yolanda Santos has a savings account at Banco Nacional, cuenta No. 08345192.

Thank you Don for your efforts and cooperation

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  1. hi, my name is yoland, I will have the crhistmas party for childrens, and need toys, if your can to help, all children in Canazas Town will are very happy.,

  2. Hi Yoland. If you need help, then write me an email with the description of what you are planing with contact information and I will be happy to post it.

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