Sunday Lunch

After church on Sunday, We went to Los Naranjos for lunch. Many restaurants are not open on Sunday and Hotel Los Rivera‘ restaurant (Los Naranjos) is still one restaurant that many have not found out about. It is close and their food and service has not disappointed me yet.

Two ordered the special for the day which included a seafood soup and Tilapia with garlic. The amount of food was more than ample and one of the diners had to get ½ to go.

I ordered the Surf and Turf or as it was on the menu Mar y tierra. I had more food than I was expecting.

The shrimp were great and I also enjoyed the steak. The sauce was similar to A1 and hit the spot. I was definitely lleno (full) after the meal. My plate was $12 and since it went over my $10 limit, I used the jubilado discount to lower the price to $8.00.

If you stop into Los Naranjos, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch

  1. Out of curiosity…..what kind of steak did they serve? I noticed 3 shrimp and I usually eat 12 in addition to my steak. I am not overweight but active enough when a meal is good.

  2. I think there were four shrimp. The menu listed it as a brochette, but the shrimp came on the kobab stick and the steak as you see it. The steak was a round stake I assume.

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