Tasty Dishes

I stopped at Restaurante Mana yesterday and had a very tasty sandwich. It had ham and pork and Swiss cheese and other good stuff. The sandwiches I have had at Mana are probably the best I have had in David.

Beside the sandwich there were a couple more tasty dishes at the restaurant yesterday.

Vicky’s daughter, the young lady on the left, was helping with all of the orders. The young lady on the right was also helping. Between the two attractive young ladies is some of the Gotta Coffee. Restaurante Mana is the only distributor of this coffee that I know of in Chiriquí.

Vicky was ailing with a bum leg. Get well soon Vicky, but in the meantime, thanks for adding the attractive new dishes to the restaurant. 🙂

1 thought on “Tasty Dishes

  1. Hola gracias a DIOS ya estoy mejor de mi pie en reposo gracias a todos por preocuparse y comentar de mi pie me e reido y disfrutado ,gracias a mi “”doctor Roger sus medicinas me han ayudado mucho “”aunque mañana me hare unos analices a ver q pasa ,tenemos el mejor cafe de chiriqui de la finca gotta ,les esperamos para saborearlo y esta linda mi hija atenta para ayudarles aqui en lo que nesesiten .
    Saludos Don siempre es grato verles y tenerles por aqui
    Jorge y Vicky

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