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Restaurante Mana’s Kids Party Reminder

Here is an update from Jorge related to the children party that Restaurante Mana is having on Saturday, December 12. Original announcement is HERE. Follow-up Message is HERE.

Just a reminder to keep the donations coming for the Kid’s party December
12th … You can see a picture of some of them on the photo below.

Thank you so much for the donations that some of you have brought or sent.
We started with a party of 60 kids and we are up to 85! We are closing it
there due to space.

We have had donations of cash, hamburger meat and rice. We still need more
of the same plus 2 piñatas full of candy (2 age groups), 4- 5gal buckets of
ice-cream, hotdogs, fruit punch, sheet cakes for 85 kids, bags of candy so
they can take home and nice gifts.

If you have any questions, please call 6038-6239

Thank you again for your generosity and the willingness to give joy to these
underprivileged kids.

Knock Knock Anyone there Cable Onda

All day yesterday and still this morning, I don’t have the ABC and CBS channels. Makes it tough to watch Sunday football in English if the channels are down.

It did force me to do other things. Do you thing that was really Cable Onda’s plan.

“Hmmm. Don needs to get out of the house. Someone shut down ABC and CBS. “

I have another busy day, so another day lost won’t hurt either, but it is still annoying to flip across the channel and not find it.

UPDATE: 8:30 AM and the channels have returned. My original post was at 7:47 AM. Maybe the Sunday watch fell asleep.

Panama Independence From Spain

Today is the day that Panama celebrates it’s independence from Spain. There is a mist coming down and I don’t know if David is having a Parade or not. I know that Boquete and Volcan are having one.

It is probably better that I stay inside anyway. I did get my walk in for the first time in over a week before it started to rain.

If you go to the parade in Volcan or Boquete, I hope you stay dry. If you can’t make it and want to see a past parade, H E R E is one in 2006.

Mana’s Kids

The other day I posted On a party that is to be given by Restaurante Mana. Today, I received and email from Jorge and Vicky with a photo of a handful of the the kids that are planning on coming. For many this will be an event you can’t even imagine.

This is the true spirit of Christmas at work. My thanks go out to Jorge and Vicky for seeing a need and filling it. One of the most fun times I have had while living in Panama was Christmas of 2005. There were more kids involved, but the joy that came from the event will be the same this year only on a little smaller scale.

If you can help the dream come true, visit the previous post for information. Today’s email and photo follow.

Hi Don,
I took a picture of some of the kids that will be coming to the Christmas
Party on December 12th of this year!

They are so excited about it …

Thought it would be nice for the people that have given donations to put a
face to it.

Thank you for all the generous people for their blessings and thank you Don
and Liliam for all you do.

Jorge and Vicky

Thanksgiving Lunch at Ciudad de David

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US. I really thought I would not have the possibility of a Thanksgiving meal, because I didn’t want to drive out of David to one of the many places that I had seen that were having specials.

I decided we would try one of the two new hotels. I flipped a coin and Ciudad de David came up “heads” and off we went.

Can you imagine my surprise when I learned that they were having a special Thanksgiving meal. What good fortune. Here is what what they were serving.

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