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Ya, But Who’s Counting

The other day, I passed another annual mile marker. I quit counting several years ago. I was taken to one of my favorite restaurants for a “surprise” lunch. Like I didn’t know why we are going out to eat.

Still I always appreciate those around me that like to share this occasion and I always try to appear surprised. Don’t tell anyone that it was not all that much a surprise to me.

I ordered the lobster. Not as big as many Maine lobsters I have eaten, but still reasonable sized. I will tempt you with the photo.

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Ingana Art Shop in David

While I was having a frappe in the Kotowa coffee shop in Plaza Real, I noticed that a new store had opened across the street. It is called Ingana 2. Apparently Ingana 1 is in the Boquete. It is owned and operated by Katrien and Philippe Anastassiou.

Katrien is from Belgium and Philippe is from Greece. Most of the items in the store are from Indonesia, therefore this is a very international store.

The store hasn’t officially opened because they haven’t completed finishing the store front. The grand opening will be later this year, but you can still go and buy things now. Here is a current photo.
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Amigos de Loco por Leer

I received the following email with a request to post.

From……: Trish Christofferson

Hi Don,
Could you please post this notice for Loco por Leer? Thanks!

Greetings: Amigos de Loco por Leer
Loco por Leer, the reading and book-lending program began operation December 24, 2008, at the library in Palmira Centro. Every Saturday morning, we offer a program of reading in small groups: exploring topics through writing exercises, information organization and creative activities. Each session ends with the children choosing a book to check out and take home for 1 week. Loco por Leer owns a library of children’s books in Spanish donated by Books for a Better World, the Boquete Rotary Club and individuals. Continue reading Amigos de Loco por Leer

Medical Care as in “Caring” in Dolega

I received the following email and received permission to post it.

From……: Joe and Nancy

“Emergency Medical Care in Dolega”
Don Ray,
Things sure are different here. I suffer from occasional kidney stones. Mostly they pass without too much fuss, occasionally they don’t. In the US, it necessitated a frantic visit to the emergency room, filling out endless forms and waiting, then some tests to be sure I wasn’t just looking for a “fix” I guess, then X-rays that nobody ever looked at until it didn’t matter, then finally shots, IV, pills – blessed relief and a very large bill. Sometimes a followup trip to the emergency room and do it all again. If the stones don’t pass, they have a sonic machine that for $10,000 a treatment may or may not break up the stone. Continue reading Medical Care as in “Caring” in Dolega

Hotel Ciudad de David

Yesterday I had the opportunity of taking a tour through the new Hotel Cuidad de David. I had received an email from Jessica Real, the manager of sales and marketing, about the hotel’s opening on November 19, 2009. I sent her an email and she said to come by and she would show me around. Google Map to Hotel.

Let me tell you that hotel elegance has been redefined in David. This hotel can compete with any hotel and towers above all other hotels in David. Before we start on the tour, let me tell you about the parking. Secure parking and ample parking always seems to be a problem in Panama. This hotel’s parking is great. The ground floor of the hotel is the lobby and restaurant and the next two floors are for parking.

When you leave your car and enter the elevator and are not a guest of the hotel, the only floors you can go to are the lobby and other parking floors. A card is required to access all other floors.

Lets start in the lobby. Everyone I spoke to spoke very good English as well as Spanish. Just what you would expect at a premium hotel. Continue reading Hotel Ciudad de David