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UBUNTU 9.10 Out Today

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloudIt has been a while since I wrote anything on the Linux releases. Today UBUNTU publishes its 9.10 release. It comes in many versions, Gnome, KDE, as well as several other variants.

Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’ and when it came into being, UBUNTU became the leading Linux for novices. It has done such a good job that it is becoming a force to be reckoned with by both Apple and Microsoft.

Next month openSUSE will come out with its release 11.2. While UBUNTU is a Gnome release, openSUSE is best known for its KDE release. KDE will be an easier migration for Microsoft Windows users. Its desktop layout won’t require the mental adjustment that the UBUNTU Gnome desktop will.

There are several other distributions that are based off the UBUNTU distribution. Most notable is Linux Mint and it is usually about 6 weeks behind each UBUNTU release. Linux Mint always appears to me to be a higher polished version of UBUNTU and is the one I keep running as one of my backup systems.

With the new releases of Mac Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows7, it is always good to know that there are other “free” systems that will do what most people need to do without having to purchase anything.

ACS Message on ROP Property

Here is the latest ACS message.



Date:        26 October 2009

To:          U.S. Embassy Warden System

Subject:  Proposed Law 71 on Property Rights in Panama

Dear Wardens:  Please disseminate this message to U.S. citizens in your area.  Thank you.

Have you had problems with your right of possession, land titling, or CATASTRO?  Do you want to influence the process how you buy rights of possession and title land in Panama?  Now is the time for your voice to be heard by the Government of Panama!

The Government of Panama wants to provide you information and receive feedback from you on Proposed Law 71 – Possessory Rights and Land Titling in Coastal Lands and Islands.  All expatriates including Americans are invited on Thursday, October 29 from 9 to 12 a.m. in the Salon Bolivar of the Hotel Continental to listen to the following Government officials:

  • Minister of Economy and Finance, Alberto Vallarino
  • Vice-Minister of Economy and Finance, Dulcidio de la Guardia
  • A representative from Catastro

The U.S. Embassy in Panama encourages you to take advantage of this important opportunity to influence legislation that affects your property rights in Panama.

One Year Old German Shepherd Needs a Home

I received a request to post the following.

From……: Aurel


I would like to know if you can post this on your web site.

Puppy Donation

We will be out of Panama for several months and are looking for a new home for our one year old German shepherd (see picture here: ).

If interested please call 730-4923

Thank you,

Relay Race of Life

Saturday there was an even at the Chiriquí Mall. One of the signs I saw called it the Relay race of life. A lot of the local businesses were involved. It was a nice time for a walk and it was for a good cause, children with cancer.

Here are some of the participants in the walk.

The inside of the mall had several photos of youngsters that had been affected and it was for children like this that the day was dedicated.

Here are some of the photos of children. These are similar to those I took a photo of in church not long ago. Continue reading Relay Race of Life