UBUNTU 9.10 Out Today

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloudIt has been a while since I wrote anything on the Linux releases. Today UBUNTU publishes its 9.10 release. It comes in many versions, Gnome, KDE, as well as several other variants.

Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’ and when it came into being, UBUNTU became the leading Linux for novices. It has done such a good job that it is becoming a force to be reckoned with by both Apple and Microsoft.

Next month openSUSE will come out with its release 11.2. While UBUNTU is a Gnome release, openSUSE is best known for its KDE release. KDE will be an easier migration for Microsoft Windows users. Its desktop layout won’t require the mental adjustment that the UBUNTU Gnome desktop will.

There are several other distributions that are based off the UBUNTU distribution. Most notable is Linux Mint and it is usually about 6 weeks behind each UBUNTU release. Linux Mint always appears to me to be a higher polished version of UBUNTU and is the one I keep running as one of my backup systems.

With the new releases of Mac Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows7, it is always good to know that there are other “free” systems that will do what most people need to do without having to purchase anything.

5 thoughts on “UBUNTU 9.10 Out Today

  1. I always have issues with printers and audio using Ubuntu. The drives are not available for my canon printer and plantronics speaker. Xandros found everything but my printer.


  2. Hi Robert. I suggest you try the Linux Mint distribution. UBUNTU releases today. It is currently propagating the system to the servers around the world. When that is complete the photo should change from coming to soon to a download indicator. That should happen within the next 8 hours or so. For people that plan on using Linux, I always recommend that they use HP printers. There will be much less problems than with Canon.

    If you are anxious to get a headstart on downloading the 9.10 system, you can find it at the following URL.

  3. Hi Frank. I am happy with Vista. I have Windows 7 running in a dual boot to try it. I downloaded the last RC version before Microsoft took it off the Internet. It will be good until June of next year.

    I would not be an early adopter. I am also not rushing to get Mac’s Snow Leopard either.

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