Pio Pio Opens A New Restaurant

By the time you read this, Pio Pio will have a new restaurant a block to the right of KFC on the InterAmerican Highway. The “open” sign was lit.

I stopped in to have a look at the menu, because a Panamanian reader had said they had good fried chicken livers. It was not on the menu.

I asked the people in the store and they said the Panama City Pio Pios have it but that the people in David didn’t like it.

If you stop into the new Pio Pio ask for chicken livers. Maybe if enough people ask for it, it might magically appear.

This Pio Pio appears to be a little larger than the rest I have been to in David. Personally I hope this new Pio Pio does well and has a lot of business. The KFC is always full and I need another option.

Also of you stop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Pio Pio Opens A New Restaurant

  1. Ahh, yes. Chicken Livers. And spotty sales.
    I’ve had the same deal in the states.
    I once ran across a KFC that sold them, in Sacramento, CA. But I’ve never seen them at any others. I went back to that same KFC a few years later, but they didn’t have them anymore.
    I believe I’ve also once ran across them at a “Churches” Fried Chicken outlet also. But if I remember correctly, not all of them carry chicken livers either.
    Kind of like KFC and sweet potato pie. I’ve heard that a lot of KFC’s in black neighborhoods sell them, but the chain as a whole, does not.

  2. You haven’t had good chicken until you tried a “KFC buffet” , you know, all you can eat including chicken livers and gizzards, 3 types of chicken and a host of other good treats. I experienced this type of chicken palace in the grate State of Kansas, don’t know about the rest the USA. Jamaican Jerk chicken in is good stuff too (not to be confused with jerking your chicken)

  3. Chicken livers? Ever think about that name? Something that’s alive while you’re eating it???
    Livers, gizzards, cartilage!!!
    Just give us a good piece of chicken meat and let us be happy in our ignorance.

  4. Seen the factories these diseased birds are raised in. Fowl is the right description, I wouldn’t touch them.

  5. Its amazing to know that some people won’t eat chicken livers, but will gourge themselves on Pate at a party.

  6. yummmmmmm chicken livers. I cook ’em up myself occasionally. I’ll let you know when, Don, if I have made enough to share!

  7. Hi Don,

    Fried chicken livers on a steaming plate of Chicken Rice-A-Roni… But only when the Mrs. is out of the house (and not in Panama – so far). Sometimes you just have to forget the salt, cholesterol and food-orgins.

  8. Mollejas and higado (gizzards adn liver) were just perfect to eat when I was in college in Panama city and having to live on $60 a month (or it was $30 a month). They were good!. In those times (mid 80’s) there were no Pio-Pio’s in David. But there were no other fast food restaurants either, neiter all this fancy new eataries.

  9. I was at Petro Autos yesterday and the music from Pio-Pio was so loud I couldn’t make conversation with the salesman. They had placed those hugh speakers outsite the store to attract attention. Well, it certainly caught my attention, another place not to visit!!!!

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