Relay Race of Life

Saturday there was an even at the Chiriquí Mall. One of the signs I saw called it the Relay race of life. A lot of the local businesses were involved. It was a nice time for a walk and it was for a good cause, children with cancer.

Here are some of the participants in the walk.

The inside of the mall had several photos of youngsters that had been affected and it was for children like this that the day was dedicated.

Here are some of the photos of children. These are similar to those I took a photo of in church not long ago.

They had a stage set up in the parking area and there were several youth dance groups that performed.

Here is a group of 6/7 year old kiddos. They were dressed in the typical Panamanian attire and doing traditional dances. I like to see the country traditions remembered and taught.

I caught a little of their performance on video.

They were followed by another young group doing more of an aerobic dance. I shot this before they went on stage.

Here is a short video of their routine.

The audience go to to participate in a Zumba session.

I caught a Little of that on video also.

I took these photos of some of the traditional Panamanian headdress.

Here was another group that performed.

There was a clown to entertain young and old.

These three were having a good time.

I took one last photo before I left. This is for a Panamanian reader in California. Jaime, this is for you. I saw your sister and your niece was going to perform. I had to leave before her performance, but here is her photo.

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  1. Don Ray:
    I knew she had to be in there. Thanks for the picture. Karla is becoming a very beautiful young lady. You made my day!

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