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I received the following email from Tom McCormack about his upcoming arrival with two containers. Here is is email. You may remember the previous request I put out to request assistance on unloading the containers.

Hi Don,

Well two containers are on their way to Chiriquí. I had 73 people to load. We squeezed the doors closed with the fork lift. They will be in Colon Nov 1.I would hope that they could transport them to David in the middle of the 2 holidays. I’ll be in David next Wed. working on the details. Talk to you then.


He included a ton of photos and I am including just a small few to give you an idea of some of the items that are coming. You can see from Tom’s email, that he had a lot of help in loading the containers. I hope we can find a good number to help unload it.

If you want to be a part of this worthwhile effort, stay tuned for the next announcement which should have the time and place to be.

Here are the photos from the loading process.

In case you don’t know Tom, he is on the left in the following photo.

14 thoughts on “Are You Getting Ready

  1. I will not be back in Panama until Nov. 18th but would love to help the McCormack Foundation in any way I can–suggestions? The wheelchairs tugged at my heart; one of our our dearest neighbours in Bugaba is paraplegic and heaven knows, he has a tough time even with the equipment he has been lucky enough to get (wheelchair AND walker).

  2. Don Ray:
    I got teary eye when I saw the wheelchairs and walkers that he has collected. These are so hard to get for many poor families in Panama.
    I want to thank Tom and his group from the bottom of my heart for their efforts! Please pass it on to him.

  3. I wrote an e mail to Tom asking him “Where and when?” Once exact time and location are known, there should be an announcement on as many gringo sites as possible for volunteers.
    Looking forward to being able to help with more than making food trips to the very poor areas at Christmas.

  4. Hi Mike. I doubt that Tom will know until he arrives in Panama. He will have to clear the containers in Colon and won’t know anything until he knows they have arrived in Colon.

  5. Hi Tom,

    This is Ricardo, your neighbor at the C-2 Apartment in Terrazas de Venicio. I did not know about this projects of yours. Thank you so much for all this work you do for people that otherwise may not get the help you are so kindly providing.

    Let me know in which way I can assist you (I’m in advertising, branding and web design)



  6. When I read that he had 73 people show up to help him on the top end, the first thing I pictured was a line of ants. Then I scrolled through the pic to find the wheelchair line.


    Wish I was there to help.

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