Visting with Management at Mrs. Mendosa’s

Last Monday, I went to Mrs. Mendosa’s again for lunch. I made it a special occasion by once again having a margarita. I believe these must be the best frozen margaritas in David. One is plenty. Two would put me under the table.

I was obviously hungry because I ate a taco salad and shared a Chicken fajita fondue. Later I was stuffed and feeling frisky from the margarita.

I enjoyed the taco salad pictured below.

I ate 100% of the filling and 60% of the tortilla shell that it came in. In talking to the owner, Sandro Marrico, I learned that the taco shells are made fresh on-site, It was very fresh and had a flaky texture that I liked.

I also liked the Chicken fajita fondue. I didn’t take a new photo, but I will include the photo I took my last visit, that Natalie ate.

Sandro Marrico, the owner of the David restaurant, came over to visit and get opinions on how I liked the place.

Sandro comes from Venezuela, and is making Panama his home. I also got to meet his son, who 16 or 17, 6 ½ foot tall and an aspiring volleyball player. I should have taken his photo, but I didn’t.

Sandro said that Mrs. Mendosa’s is a franchise and as such he has limited flexibility in making changes, but he does want to make sure that all that is in his power to control is done well.

I appreciated his taking an interest in knowing what his customer’s are thinking and wanting to provide good service. I learned a little about his desires to have Mrs. Mendosas be a family oriented restaurant. Mrs. Mendosa’s has a nice outside area, which is used a lot in the evening. The prices of beer and other drinks are those of a restaurant and not a bar and this prevents it from being overrun with those that just want to buy a lot of beer and I think this helps keep it a place for a family to come.

From talking to Sandro, I know he is interested in everyone enjoying their time in his restaurant. If you go and things are not to your liking, let Sandro know. If he can fix it, I feel that he will.

As I said in a previous post, this is not a TexMex or pure Mexican food restaurant. However, I feel that it is offering me another style of food and one can never have too many options to go eat.

If you stop into Mrs. Mendosa’s, tell Sandro that Chiriquí Chatter said hello.

11 thoughts on “Visting with Management at Mrs. Mendosa’s

  1. I think it depends on what you are looking for when you go. If you strictly like TexMex, you will be disappointed. The place is new, it is clean, it has AC inside.

    This is a franchise and as such has the pluces and minuses of a franchise. They do have a great frozen margarita.

    I have seen people write that they did not like it, but they did not say what it was that they didn’t like. A review of “I don’t like it” helps no one know anything.

    It is a new restaurant with new employees. If you go and have a problem or have a suggestion, talk to Sandro Marrico. It will help him know what his problems are.

  2. Hi Don. Regarding your 2nd post on Mrs. Mendoza’s, did you happen to mention to Sandro Marrico that you had found some of portions to be skimpy? I think it is a good idea to give start-up restaurants constructive feedback so that they will remain in business to keep us all happy campers.

  3. Don Ray, I fear that one day you’ll have one margarita too many, you’ll order “One of everything” and that will be the last we’ll hear of you!

  4. I’d say the prices are too high for the quality (and quantity) of food. Four of us paid $50 for lunch (without going crazy on drinks) and that’s too much for Panama – period.

  5. Drinks are 2 for one Monday through Thursdays. When I had the Tacos, I thought my quanity and quality was lower than all of the other meals I have had there. Being a new place, i think it is good to share your opinion with the owner. I think he will read the comments. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  6. I have mexican friends living i david, they said it was the worst mexican food they ever had but had no complaints about the margarita, they also claimed that the quacamole was imported from the USA…!!

  7. I was at a party that there were two Mexican groups also bad mouthing the restaurants and gringos. They were say that the restaurant was a gringo restaurant, which is most likely is. Mexican food in TGIF is not recognized as good Mexican food by most people I have met from Mexico.Most people living in the US do not like Mexican food that comes from Mexico. They prefer the Mexican food found in the US, which is also different from Mexico. I rarely listen to people from Mexico talking about Mexican food because they and I like different things.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  8. Ante todo muy buenas tardes a todos los visitantes de chiriquichatter, en nombre de la familia Mendozas agradecemos todo tipo de comentario para hacerle saber a la marca nuestras fortalezas y debilidades. Recuerden que nosotros nos debemos a ustedes y todo tipo de comentario es bien recibido con la finalidad de cada dia mejorer nuestros servicios. Igualmente les recordamos que como franquisa nos regimos por los precios establecidos por la marca o casa matriz lo cual nos imposibilita nuestra capacidad de ajuste para los mismos. En Ciudad de PAnama es uno de los REstaurant que posee precios competitivos y accesibles al comun de los clientes pero vemos que para David son un poco costosos o quizas no sea la misma cultura entre los habitantes de Ciudad de Panama y los Habitantes de Chiriqui. De todos modos Aqui todos seran tratados con cariño y bien recibidos, recuerden agradeceremos realizar sus comentarios a la gerencia para de esta manera ir mejorando y perfeccionando nuestro servicio.
    Ah y olvidava ya tenemos desayunos a pártir de las 8 am

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