Earthquakes South of David

Apparently yesterday there were a couple earthquakes 110 miles south of David in the ocean. One was 6.1 and the other was about 4.9. I felt nothing in David.

URLS from USGS follow:

The Panama Website shows three yesterday. It’s URL follows:

6 thoughts on “Earthquakes South of David

  1. I definitely felt the quake in Boquete on El Salto.
    The house did a little quivering for about 5-10 seconds.
    it was at 8:51PM

  2. Well that is good to hear, I felt nothing also in David. I was thinking I am getting to use to them and just stopped feeling the shaking.

  3. Hello Don and fellow CC readers,
    I didn´t feel it either. I have read that the bedrock below the area where we live is quite compact. Don, remember your post about the Sesimic Vulnerability of David and its map? My area is green…
    Best regards, and a hug to Lilliam & Natalie,

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