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This morning I stopped into a new store that has opened up in David. Apparently, they previously were in Boquete. The name of the store is International Quality Products (IQP).

It specializes in recliners, massage recliners, sofas, playground equipment and mattresses. They carry Serta, Berkline, Easylift, Shiatsu Massage and others.

They were the ones that provided the playground equipment for Parque Jose Maria Roy, behind the Iglesia Carmen. If you haven’t seen this park, it is worth a visit, especially if you have some young ones.

Here is a photo from the side of the store and what I noticed as I was driving by.

Here is the entrance.
Here are a few photos of the products in the store.

Here is what I will get, if I ever get a larger place. The Shiatsu recliner is on the right. Some on the left also massage and one is an easy lift that raises to assist you getting up.

My 93 year old uncle has one of these in Oklahoma. If you are not familiar with the lift chairs, here is another photo with the chair in the elevated position. It is electrically controlled to make getting in and out easy.

Another thing they carry are 3 and 4 wheeled motorized people carriers. They are currently only in the Panama City stores, but some are supposed to come in the next container and when they are in David, I will try to go and take photos.

This is definitely a high quality product store. They have some products that I have only seen here.

If you stop into IQP, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Below is a map that will help you find IQP.

Here is a contact card.

9 thoughts on “IQP in David

  1. Ahhh, I love those massage chairs, Don Ray!! haha And this place looks like the David version of the Sharper Image in the malls in the USA, very sharp indeed.

    The photos, as always, are excellent. Have you approached any of the businesses about a commission for posting their stores on the site? You could make enough to retire … Oh, never mind. 🙂

    jim and nena
    fort worth

  2. Hi J&N. No, I enjoy taking photos. If I received money, I would be forced to write what some else wanted and it would start to feel like work. I prefer keeping it as a hobby. There are enough commercial sites on Panama.

    Besides, Panama gives me so much, that this is one way I can give something back to Panama.

  3. Hi Don:
    Great response and we’ve always wanted to meet you; now in Denver, very soon in Chiriqui; have you ever thought of writing ¨en Español¨??? would love to help

  4. Hi R&R. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. If my Spanish were good enough, I would give some of the pieces a try, but doing it in one language takes enough time. Google helps some, but I know that the Google translations are not very good.

  5. Your link was sent to me by the owners of this store. We have been friends for over 35 years and they do indeed have a quality product and business. We have lived in Panama since retiring 10 years ago but our residence is near the beaches past Coronado in an called Rio Mar. We have puchased most of our mattresses and also our Berkline living room theatre furniture from them. In case anyone is interested they also carry the beds that can be inclined for the head and the feet in various positions plus the massage units. Great service and a good, honest family run business.
    Nice of you to publish such good photos.

  6. Don:
    Thank you for your first class professional photos, and commets on our new IQP retail store and Mega-Park playground in David, Chiriquí. Our mission, as to “state-of-the-art” bedroom and family room furniture, is to provide our clients with quality comfort at home, coupled with affordable prices and excellent service. Our commercial part of the business is primarily devoted to the modernization of Education in Latin America. We have been informed by Mayors Office, Education Ministry and Police Department in David that this Mega-Park with full facilities has been the pride of David, bringing families together, having more than 1,000 children with their parents and family members at the park playing together, resulting in a noticible reduction in the deliquency of the city. It is fullfilling to feel we are helping make David and Chiriqui a better community for all of us. Hopefully some day soon we can meet in Chiriqui.
    “The IQP Family”

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