What A Great Day

Yesterday, we got to visit a coffee farm and roast coffee. What fun. I will have a future post to share, but I need time to prepare the photos.

We got to eat at Tammy’s in Boquete, which is one of my favorite places in Boquete to get get a good and reasonably priced meal.

Following Tammy’s we went across the street to see the new location for Sugar and Spice. Same goodies, better location.

Before we left Boquete, we stopped by the Pasteleria Alamana to have a strawberry tart with fresh whipped cream. – Yum!!!!! While we were there, a huge rain hit and we were unable to leave for a while. The poor fellow in the photo below was waiting for a bus. I didn’t envy him.

It was a full day yesterday, but a very rewarding one. It is nice to be with good friends. It is nice to meet new friends and it is nice to learn something new. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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